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Ah, fall. When the sound of heavy metal objects falling on top of junker cars fills the air.

When the sweet smell of watermelon wafting through the wind is accompanied by projectile chunks of rind.

When the “Usually-Annual-But-Sometimes-We-Miss-a-Year” Gardner Hardware Anvil Drop comes sneaking up behind you and you suddenly realize that it’s this Friday.

I know! I totally spaced it too. And if there was any year to go to the Anvil Drop it would have to be this year. Low publicity so far (which I’m going to blame on the person who updates their website) but this year they’re doing a joint thing with the Minnesota Vikings.

I’ll leave it up to you to surmise what colors the cars are going to be painted. But if you don’t care to conjecture, it’s the 49ers (they’re playing them this weekend).

Friday, September 25th
Gardner Hardware
515 Washington Avenue

Should be completely awesome. So I’m doing my part to get the word out. I’ve already got a safe, watermelon-bit-free spot picked out and a limited edition t-shirt reserved.