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There are several things I do not do as a matter of general principal.

For instance, porn. I don’t do porn as a matter of general principal. And to preserve whatever tatters of dignity I have left.

But one of the more realistic things I don’t do as a matter of general principal would be cook. Or, more specifically, cook random things that I’ve never cooked before and frankly could just wander down to the grocery store and buy for five bucks.

And yet sometimes I forget. Like tonight. Tonight I decided I would make rice pudding. The recipe looked simple enough. About 10 ingredients. Short instructions. Short and… vague instructions. Which I didn’t realize until I had started making it.

I got lucky though. Usually my attempt to salvage a cooking operation goes sideways really fast. I end up half-dazed, standing in a puddle of batter, with the fire detector blaring. Not. Pretty. But for some reason I was able to pull myself back from the brink and fill in the missing instructions.

And it turned out rather tasty, surprisingly enough. Rather tasty and rather… a lot.

Anybody want some rice pudding?