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So this morning I went out to my car only to find that my glovebox was open. As was my center console… thingie. Which means two things:

1. I forgot to lock my car again last night
2. Some stranger was in my car rifling through it

At first I was pissed.Pissed at whoever took advantage and tried to find something to steal. I mean, those bastards! How dare they! Kids these days! Etc., etc., etc. I worked up to a good snit.

But then I decided it really was my fault. Or at the very least I should have known better. I mean you’re welcome to shout “It’s never the victim’s fault!” all day and I will agree with you 150%. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to wander the streets at 2am with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry on and then claim disbelief and indignation after I’m mugged.

I changed my stance again about an hour later. Because I’m rather lucky. They could have jacked up my car just for kicks but they didn’t. Other than the open compartments it was untouched (including I have to add, a laptop that’s in the back seat.

I said they were nice hoodlums. I never claimed they were good at it.

So all in all, I’m good with the situation. I should have left a fiver in there for their trouble.