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I really don’t have anything to say. I am pretty much wiped out right now with work and design and quotes. But I’m also having trouble falling asleep so I might as well write something.

So apparently some time last week there was a flood in my building. Didn’t really know anything about it until the building owner knocked on my door and woke me up only to ask if this apartment was the one with the flood.

So now they’re doing repair work someplace in the building. And I say someplace because since the walls are so thin I can hear them working, I’m just not sure if they’re in the basement or in an apartment. Either way it’s kind of distracting.

Not as distracting, however, as the fact that the water situation sucks at the moment. In the bathroom I can either get cold water if I turn the tap on full blast (which is just a trickle) or I can get scalding hot water if I turn on that tap pretty much at all. So lukewarm is a pretty interesting challenge.

Oh… and just because: deathcabforclaire.com went up tonight. It’ll never be much more than what’s up at the moment, frankly.

I originally thought that DCFC had gone to that great junkyard in the sky or something. But now I’m sort of thinking that it has not been retired but is now at a different residence. I haven’t seen its owner around for some time. Ouch. Trucks are always the innocent victims in divorce.