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I found a Ho-Ho in my kitchen drawer.

At least that’s what I think it is. I get all those Hostess snack cake things confused. I have had maybe eight of those things in my lifetime. And that was only when I was a little girl and would go to friends’ houses and they’d have them.

Oh, see! I even got it wrong (I looked it up). It’s a Cupcake.

Anyway, before you question why I have one in my drawer, it’s actually one that is sewn. It’s got a suede cake part, a satin frosting bit, and a yarn curly-cue white thing on top.

I actually forgot I had it. I think my uncle made it for my mom when he was a kid. It’s sort of randomly cool. Like much of the things I own.

Growing up I didn’t have a strict diet, per se, but I definitely didn’t get many treats. No sugar cereals, no snack cakes, rarely any soda…. And I swore up and down that as soon as I lived on my own that was all I was going to eat.

For some reason that never happened. So some things stick with you. Although my mom’s adamant stance on no cable and only an hour’s worth of TV a day? Well clearly not all things stuck.

Of course, now she has cable as well.