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Happy Veteran’s Day!

Both of my Grandpas served in WWII. One was in the Army (in the division that was the Air Force before there was an Air Force). The other was in the Navy. I think they both married my Grandmas when they were home on leave.

And I have several uncles who served in Vietnam. All in the Navy, come to think of it.

I promise not to post pictures. You’ve seen enough of my relatives in uniform.

Anyway, thoughts for the day go out to everyone who served or is serving currently. You have done a service to this country that people who have not served will never truly understand. Least of all me. THANK YOU.

I miss working at the print shop on days like these. Why? Because the shop was around the corner from this huge senior living high rise. And these 80 or 90-year-old guys would come in, dressed in their full uniforms with medals shining, and want to tell their story. All of which were amazing. Oh crap! I wrote about my favorite. Hang on.

Found it. From April 2006:

A lot of the older folks who come into the shop refuse to attempt to use the self-serve copier and I’ve learned it’s just easier to do it for them. I actually don’t mind because most are so sweet and thankful.

And I have no idea how it came up, but I was helping one gentleman today and he told me he was on the USS Nevada during Pearl Harbor.

Woah. You don’t tell a history major something like that without providing more details. PEARL HARBOR.

For those playing along, the USS Nevada was the only battleship at Pearl Harbor able to attempt a sortie during the attack. It almost got out of the harbor, but the decision was made to run it into the mud because of reported enemy submarines just outside of the harbor. Which was completely the right decision.

My friend had actually been heading off to breakfast when the Japanese attack started and it sounded like he was stationed on the bridge during the bombing. He made the decision to go one way while the others with him went the opposite. They died, he lived. It was that arbitrary on such a tragic day.

He did end our conversation by reassuring me that he eventually got breakfast (and a place to sleep) at a nearby hotel later that day.

And I realize half these stories may seem made up, but he really did assure me he got breakfast.

And I hope he won’t get mad at me, but a special hello and thanks to someone currently serving overseas. Dude, that’s what you get for emailing me. Like it or not, you’re in my thoughts.