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So a friend of mine is putting together an event for a woman with breast cancer. Sadly it’s terminal, and this event is more to help the family with medical bills but also to get out her message of “living with passion”.

So on a whim a few weeks ago I threw together a logo and sent it to her. It took like an hour or so.

Tonight I got a phone call from the organizer who told me I should think about copyrighting the logo because the response to it was so positive that she thought it might catch on. Which, yay, that’s great that people like it. I crave validation. But more importantly, crap, because I took a copyrighted pink ribbon and altered it slightly for the logo, never thinking that it would be used for anything more than this local event.

So I spent about three hours creating an all new ribbon. Which is not easy when you’re useless at illustration. But it looks good. Not as good, but good. And legal.

In other news: Uh… I got nothing. I’ll get back to you.

Oh, see? I did think of something else:

Sleep well, little penguin.