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Listen, if anyone asks I was never here, okay? I’m swamped with work and spiraling into panic mode. It’s not pretty.

So I could have sworn that the race for the senate in Minnesota would be a lock for Norm Coleman. I’m not saying I was happy about that I just figured that he would win kinda easily.

Boy was I wrong. There’s still no clear winner. I mean it’s down to less than .01% of a difference. That’s just insane.

Oh my god! Total tangent! I’m watching TV and Cloud Cult is on an ad for esurance. How flippin’ awesome is that? Yay for local musicians. Hope they’re making some money off of that. Because esurance? Ew.

It’s snowing here. Or… sleeting. Or something.

Point is: it’s cold out.

I don’t mind snow. Especially since I’m working from home all winter. No need to go and uncover my car to drive to work. Oo! I wrote a poem about this years ago. Lemme find it. Hang on.

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even Ramona.

Because I overslept again.

I sat up in bed, yelled, “Good golly! Great sakes!”
“The bosses will sack me if I’m once again late!”

I leapt out of bed to get dressed and get primped
Hit my knee on the sink, so I dressed with a limp

Finally rushed out the door, not a moment to spare,
Thinking maybe, just maybe, I’d soon make it… there

When what to my wondering eyes did appear?

A shitload of ice covering everything.