Dreams are weird.


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I had a dream last night that I was in an office building looking out these windows—not sure what I was doing there—and all of a sudden a plane dropped out of the sky, landed in the middle of the city, and shot flames everywhere. Then suddenly planes were coming from everywhere and dropping onto the city. I think I made myself wake up. I didn’t sleep much after that.

The other dream I had last night was weird. I was in Alaska and had to get to where my parents were staying. And there was this long road of crushed rock that I had to go down. And instead of driving (or even walking) I had this short circular piece that I would stand on and have to walk on top of it, rolling it, down the road.

It was going well until I was stopped by construction. They were in the process of creating this path. They had piles of crushed tile and this big crushing machine. I couldn’t get through because I would get stuck. I was waiting and waiting. Then the dream changed and now the weird transport vehicle was replaced by my old car. And we were now on this very steep slope. Then my mom and step-dad came and got me and we went to dinner. When we were driving back my step-dad lost control of the car and we start hurtling backwards. Then I woke up.