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Friggin’ Geek Squad. If there wasn’t a more poorly named bunch of maroons out there you’ve got me.

I went to take my recycling out and noticed the ladder and the truck outside my window. Which. Fine. Some apartment neighbor feels like hiring some dolts to install something? Be my guest.

Only (and here’s the fun part) not three minutes later my cable goes out. And goes into a weird mode I hadn’t seen before (to be fair, new box) so I went out there thinking maybe it was Comcast that was doing the work. Nope. So I oh-so-politely asked, “Did you… mean to take down my cable?”

Oh no! He hadn’t even touched anything like that! And what apartment was I in, anyway? Like I was actually having the work done and had plum forgot.

So apparently a brand new box that had worked great up until this moment simply chose to go completely out. Imagine that.

Whatever. I fumed off, tempted to call someone to vent about sheer stupidity. Thinking better of it (for once) I manually reset the box and waited an eternity for the thing to boot up.

But seriously? Don’t fuck with a girl’s cable.