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So I actually ended up going to the RNC yesterday.

It was a little trippy. I have never seen so many people in suits before. Or flippin’ flag-flavored outfits.

I was tempted to snatch a badge from one of the CNN guys wandering around, but thought better of it. Still, it would have been cool to get in there.

As it was, we ended up wandering the streets for a few hours. Not quite as crowded as I would have expected, actually. I was picturing throngs. Throngs!

I was also picturing more free stuff. Not much to be had.

But the 3M kids were out in droves. They were handing out these privacy filter thingies for cellphones. I have 30 of them now. Not sure what to do with them.

We also hung out at the MSNBC stage. Chris Matthews? Kind of foxy.