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Oh for gods sake.

Apparently the entire friggin’ world is moving in to my apartment building this weekend. Another truck just pulled up.

So maybe the people I walked in on will be gone.

You want to hear that story? Great! It’s not that bad of a repeat:


I’m waiting online for an email and bored. So I was trying to think up a rant.


I guess it’s mainly because I’m home most of the day. All the wackiness is out in the big world.

I did notice something today. You see, I’m not one to meddle in the affairs of my neighbors. Mainly because they’re probably not that interesting. But in a building with thin walls and my being located next to the stairwell, I tend to play “Who’s that neighbor”

But the most amusing neighbor anecdote involves the laundry room in the basement. The hallway basement looks like a hospital. It’s sort of creepy. And the laundry room is no better: gray, dingy, with a small washer and dryer that costs $5. Each.

I was waiting for a cycle to end and kind of surveying the surroundings, rather bored. And I noticed a mystery door next to the dryer. I figured it was another storage area. And who doesn’t feel like wandering around a random storage area at 2 in the morning?

On a hunch, I grabbed my front door key, tried the lock, opened the door, and stepped in.

To someone’s apartment.

Not only was it someone’s apartment, but the TV was on, I could hear someone moving around, and there was a pot of food bubbling on the stove a few feet away from me.

So I did the only thing I could do: quickly and quietly closed the door, grabbed my clothes, and ran like hell.