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Bush appears to be on Spring Break. Every time I see him I get this “Dude. Being President ruled. But I’m not running again. So let’s party.”

It’s quite disconcerting.

I called complete bullshit on any stupid person that would claim that the RNC would be scaled back in St. Paul. Complete bullshit. I told every single person that there was no way they would pull out on such a grand scale for an event that’s been in the planning for ages.

So I’ll eat crow on that one. ‘Cause shit is toned down. I was hoping for budding Republicans wandering the streets looking for cheap hookers and blow. I remain disappointed.

I’m thinking Gustav will die down and things will pick up in a few days. I’m still planning on heading over to St. Paul for the RNC. Right now the plan is Moscow on the Hill for some amazing Russian food. And from there we’ll follow our nose toward the tear gas.

Just because the RNC is toned down doesn’t mean the friggin’ morons aren’t out.

Someone felt the need to break out the windows of Macy’s in downtown St. Paul.

What does that do? What does that prove? That you break shit when you’re angry? Congratulations. You’re ten.