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I’m in the middle of a design/build right now and, as such, not much for words. Or rants, as it were. But some notes from the planet:

1. I am up rather early this morning. The reason? Yesterday I decided to try a different technique with the site I’m building. Never having used it before there was a bit of a learning curve, so I went to bed with a few tweaks still remaining. And proceeded to dream about them all night. Which happens when I get something stuck in my head. 

So I got up around 4 am, trudged out to my computer and fixed the remaining problems and proceeded to pull a few other intuitive leaps of logic out of nowhere.

Which is proof that I am still occasionally brilliant.

2. (and I hope I’ll be forgiven for talking about her) I have now chatted with Vancouver Planet Claire. Whose emails, as you may recall, I was receiving. And this comes only a week after I corresponded with another Planet Claire. How awesome is that? And now I don’t have to feel guilty about getting emails meant for her anymore. I think we should start some sort of Guild or (as Vancouver Planet Claire suggested) a League of Super Heroes.

3. I’m going to a networking thing tonight in Uptown. Which is awesome, except for the fact that I suck at them. I’m just not a very naturally outgoing person. So I fear that I’ll spend the whole thing hiding at a corner table. Or under a corner table.