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Two posts in as many days! Will the zaniness ever end?

So with this nasty cold apartment I pulled out one of my blankets to get warmer on the couch.

It’s an average blanket. Pretty thin. Blue. Kinda boring. I think I got it when my grandmother moved into assisted living and needed to get rid of the majority of her things.

So anyway, nondescript blanket.

And Ramona is completely obsessed with it. Every time I got up from the couch yesterday I would come back and she would be burrowing into the blanket madly before settling in for a nap.

I’ve got other blankets out. One on my bed in particular that is totally cuter.

And she could care less about it.

Who knows. Maybe there’s something buried in her psyche about blue blankets. Or the smell reminds her of something comforting.

Either way, it’s now in her cat bed on my couch. She’s currently snuggled into it like nobody’s business.