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It is freezing in my apartment. As per usual, the “timer” on the heat is a little too closely tied to when my caretaker gets home. And he got home late.

And it sucks because I have this metal desk for my main computer that’s right next to a window. I think my tongue would freeze to it at the moment.

I haven’t been writing. I’ve been so busy and stressed out that my creative writing skills are just gone.

I came up with a couple decent stories from my past, but I did the math and the statute of limitations have yet to run out on the most interesting ones.

Yeah, you go ahead and think I’m kidding.

And you know, around 9 PM the heat kicked in and I was going to write about how happy I was about that, but now at 1 AM the radiators are completely cold. As am I.

So the heat was theoretically on for about 3 hours at best.

Is that normal? Because when it’s 10 degrees out I’d like to think my landlord would care enough to keep the heat on for more than a few hours a day.