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Storms are on the way. I feel it in my bones.

Oh, and the weather report says so.

I went out earlier this afternoon to run errands and in typical Saturday fashion felt like everyone was looking at me funny. So I scurried back to my apartment.

But I got beef jerky in the process. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

Seriously, I love me some beef jerky.

I haven’t had much to write lately. Partly stress, partly other crap, partly nothing interesting. Last time I had this much trouble I engineered a writers strike at planetclaire.org.

No writers strike this time.

No cat either. She’s gone into histrionics mode. When I go into the kitchen she cries like she’s dying from starvation. Otherwise she’s pouting in my room.

Let me just assure the casual reader that the girl gets a fair amount of food.