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Hee hee. I got all shiny sparkly about Fall and then woke up this morning with a bit of a cold.

It’s completely my fault, since I slept with my windows open, so I really can’t complain. Well I can complain and probably will, I just shouldn’t complain.

So there you go.

I’m not doing anything today. Usually I feel guilty about that but not this weekend. This weekend I get a pass. ‘Cause my week sucked.

One bright spot: after being made to feel stupid on Thursday, I went in to work on Friday and inquired whether the person they had brought in to fix some computer problems (and the main person who treated me like an imbecile) had fixed anything at all.

Nope. I felt better.

Anyway, Ramona is in full agreement with me about taking a day off and has camped out on the couch with me. She’s my favorite roommate ever. If only she’d start chipping in on the rent.