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It’s been raining a fair bit this evening. And by this evening I mean Thursday night, as it’s currently after midnight on Friday.

So earlier in the evening most local television stations had weather report update thingies instead of the regularly scheduled programming.


They were taking calls from eyewitnesses around the state (good timekiller I suppose). And as they were talking to some random I thought how funny it would be to call up and have some serious story for the screener and then once I got on air just describe insane things flying past my window. Like cats and midgets and toupees.

But then I thought maybe that wasn’t so funny. So I was mulling over scenarios in my head about what funny fake bit I could come up with.

Not that I would ever do it, mind you. But it took my mind off the fact that I was staring at a photo of my state with blobs of red, orange and green plastered over my city.

I wasn’t paying attention until I realized a crank caller was on the phone with the station—I heard the tail end of a call where he said he believed the storm was the fault of a has-been national radio personality. And then immediately hung up. Much to the confusion of the newscasters who shortly realized it was a prank.

What the hell? The idiot couldn’t come up with anything even remotely funny? I would be a little embarrassed for him, but if he thought that was clever then…