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I will just put in a shameless plug for a friend of mine, who—along with some compatriots—has produced a magazine called Rock Mania. This first episode of which will hopefully be arriving this Friday. It’s a labor of love put together by a bunch of people that know way too much about music.

I only helped out in the beginning (answering some publishing related questions) and the end (I got it ready for the printer when it went from 2-color to 4-color) so my part is minimal but I got a title on the masthead.

So there you go. My plug for Rock Mania magazine. Check it out if you’re a music lover.

Or, hey, option two: Check it out if you want to join the Clint Howard Fan Club. That alone is a badge of pop culture knowledge right there.

Clint showed up on the William Shatner roast last week, incidentally. One of the few bright spots.