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I did my various things yesterday and got home around 5 PM or so. About 2 hours later I looked down at my arms and had a mini-heart attack because they looked all red and blotchy. I was terrified that I had contracted some sort of rash.

It’s called a sunburn, Claire.

But it’s a sunburn that’s even weirder than a farmer’s tan/sunburn. Like one side of my arms below the point where my t-shirt stopped is bright red. Everything else is whiter than natural.

I actually got it when I went out to lunch with my mom and my aunt and uncle, who were in from Illinois for the weekend. They came to visit my grandmother.

My grandma was thrilled to see them, even if she really had no idea who they were. But she got that they were family. And was happier than I’d seen her in some time.

But Grandma is definitely going downhill. And I guess I’m not sure how I’d feel if my mom didn’t even recognize me. I may be wrong, but I think my aunt looked a little teary-eyed a few times. Alzheimer’s is a nasty nasty creature.