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In the category of “You Never Know Who You Might Pass on the Street”: Today I made a couple copies for an older gentleman.

A lot of the older folks who come into the shop refuse to attempt to use the self-serve copier and I’ve learned it’s just easier to do it for them.

And I have no idea how it came up, but he told me he was on the USS Nevada during Pearl Harbor.


You don’t tell a history major something like that without providing more details.

For those playing along, the USS Nevada was the only battleship at Pearl Harbor able to attempt a sortie during the attack. It almost got out of the harbor, but the decision was made to run it into the mud because of reported enemy submarines just outside of the harbor. Which was completely the right decision.

My new best friend had been heading to breakfast when the attack started and it sounded like he was stationed on the bridge during. He mentioned making a decision to go one way while others with him went the opposite. They died, he lived.

If I had the time and wasn’t on the clock I think I could have talked to him for hours. As it was, my brain was going eighteen different ways with questions.

I’m useless in surprise situations. Hours later I’m brilliant at coming up with questions.

He did reassure me that he eventually got breakfast at a nearby hotel.