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Happy Earth Day.

I went to my grocery store and it was all about Earth Day. There were like 20 food sample stations set up with organic food. And this is not a large store.

One of the things that always weirds me out there is they have little stations with, say, chips and dip for you to try. Which is very nice, but no one is manning the station. Unattended food scares me.

Would you try that? Would you trust that? It just seems like an outbreak of something waiting to happen.

Oh lord. I’m so supposed to be working right now. And I so don’t want to.

You know what? I’m not fucking working today. Screw my boss. Which is… me.

I am in a highly grumpy mood today. I don’t know why, exactly. I’m usually relatively easy-going on weekends.

So this is a totally honest question. I’m not being rude or judgemental or anything I usually thrive on. What is the appeal of NASCAR racing? To me it’s as interesting as golf. Is it the element of danger that keeps people riveted to the screen? Because cars going around and around seems intensely boring.

Whatever it is, Cops isn’t on tonight because of it. Dammit.