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Although it means I’ll have to start—

Fuck. Okay, humor me with my mid-sentence tangent.

Oz shout out from Bedford Diaries:

Prof: Last week we discussed the definition of sexual misconduct. This week let’s talk about responsibility. Whoever you had for sixth grade health— Ms. Franklin, Sister Peter Marie…


Anyway, since CSAs are mainly veggies, I guess I’ll need to cook more. The nice part is the drop-off point nearest me is a block and a half away.

I’m just worried that I’ll have food going bad every week. What do I do with soybeans?

Anyone need some soybeans?

Oh, and as a follow-up, my friend tracked down what “River Boat Style” actually is. It’s not that interesting.

And if you’re looking for the answer, he found the definition on the network’s forums.

But seriously, it’s kind of a letdown.