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I’m not working tonight.

Okay, I am, but later.

It was a weird day today. After my boss thought I had quit yesterday when I was ten minutes later than my usually ten minutes late, I thought I’d call her this morning and let her know I was, again, running late.

Which I did. And she laughed and said she initially thought I was calling to quit.

She’s pretty paranoid.

Although I think this job has made a lot of people run screaming out the door never to return. After only three hours in one case. So I suppose it makes sense.


I’m calling shenanigans on the SciFi channel advertising. I am now thoroughly convinced that they flash a nano-second screen of an ad in between ads. Which is a cheap method of advertising, yeah? But also seems to be a modified version of subliminal messages.

I suppose it’s not like it’s hidden. I mean although I first noticed it when I was slo-moing something accidentally, now it smacks of obvious even when I’m just watching the channel.

Is this an accepted and known practice? Does it actually work? I can’t believe it would. It seems like the brief flash is too short to make an impact, but too long so that people notice the obvious, albeit short, commercial.

Either way, it’s annoying me.