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Mixed bag on the planet this weekend.

It’s kinda weird in the Twin Cities. We’re in the middle of January (okay, end of January) and it’s in the mid-40s. There’s been some talk of global warming, but I’m not sure it isn’t just weather being weather. In a month or so we’ll hit the coldest time of the year and I’m guessing it’ll be just like old times all around.

But for now it is kind of strange seeing puddles everywhere.

I’m happy to say that I picked up two new clients this week. When I started my own business I contemplated bagging this site because my clients would potentially be conservative Christians. Now my clientele is so primarily liberal (yay!) I almost thought about removing the more conservative stuff.

In the end my decision stays the same. I stand by all my work whether I agree with the politics or not.

Except for anything I ever did involving Thomas Kinkade.