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It’s that time again. Two full hours of Cops.

The arresting officers are discussing where they found drugs in a vehicle (between the two seats in back)
Perp: “If that was mine why wouldn’t I have pushed it behind the seat?”
Cop: “Probably because you’re stupid.”


You know, I really miss the old Cops episodes where they sometimes even followed a homicide investigation from crime scene to arrest of suspects. It’s like an early First 48.

Okay, it’s actually the 29th and I’m up early. But for the record? It’s snowing right now.

That’s Minnesota weather for you.

When TV Shows Collide News: I was watching Stargate SG-1 on Friday and I was looking at one of the guest actors and thinking, “Holy shit. That kind of looks like Reed Diamond”. An actor from Homicide. And then after watching for awhile longer, I realized it looked a little like him, but that I was totally high to think it was him.

It was him.

It’s a gloomy day in Minneapolis. Or at least in my apartment. I need better lighting. In an attempt to catch up with this site, I’m off to quote things. Wish me luck.