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Today? Odds and Ends Sunday.

Yesterday was my high school reunion. As curious as I was to go and see who was doing what, I passed. At this point in my life, I just didn’t want to. Which is totally selfish, I know.

You know, I was thinking about the “semi slamming into” story and I realized I was in another accident caused by bad weather. Coincidentally enough it took place on the way to my cabin (reference small child in snow suit below).

My dad and I were driving up there (it’s on the shore of Lake Superior in Wisconsin) at night in bad weather. Dad missed the turn and found himself in the ditch (the road was such that if you missed the turn you were bound to end up there). Picture a Toyota Corolla hatchback on the side of the road in the falling snow with a cow only a few feet away chewing its cud.

If you can’t picture that due to lack of “cud” knowledge, picture the cow eating grass.

Anyway, in the days of no cellphones and in the middle of nowhere, the situation was kinda dicey. Lucky for us, the very next vehicle by was a tow truck.

Totally serious.

And they were somehow related to us. Happens a lot up there.

He dropped us off at a local tavern where we could arrange for someone to take care of the car and someone else to pick us up to get to the cabin.

I was laying down in the backseat when the accident happened, so I smacked into the front seats and got serious… I suppose I can equate it to rug burn. Seat burn?

Anyway, the label of “Little Girl in Accident with Superficially Injured Face” earned me a free Hershey’s milk chocolate bar (full size!) from the bartender. I’ll never forget that. ‘Sconie bartenders rule.