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Sundays. I never could get the hang of Sundays.

Some are good and some are bad. This one’s bad. Although I’m working today, so at least I can say I’m making money.

Wait a minute! I knew I was forgetting something. My very first ever rant reader has a birthday today. Today? Tomorrow? I know it’s in the general vicinity.

I suck at remembering birthdays.

Anyway, in lieu of a gift I have dedicated my mental energies toward willing the Weaver family off of The Amazing Race.

Of course, that’s really a gift to the world.

What day is Sunday? I keep forgetting what the hell I named it.

Odds and Ends Sunday. There we are.

This has definitely been an odd month and I can’t wait for it to end.

Ha! See how I turned that around? Man I’m clever.

Seriously though, this month has not been the best.

One bright spot has been the triumphant return of a friend from Europe, who is a pilot and had a contract over the Summer. I didn’t realize how much I missed him until I suddenly saw his name pop up as an incoming call. He’s the big brother I never had.

The dark spot (or one of them anyway)? Cancer. Inoperable, by all accounts. I’ve never had a close family member with cancer before. And just in time for the holidays.

Ramona’s ripped another chunk of fur out. At least she’s eating. Right?

I need a nap.

It’s days like this that I don’t relish being back at a day job. It used to be so sweet to wake up whenever I wanted. I kept some wacky ass hours.

I was thinking about it and from the time I was 15 until age 27 I never had a significant block of time off. I worked all through high school and college and then went full-time (or was officially classified as full-time) once I graduated. This year was a nice break (even though I was working, it was from home).