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Welcome to the first day of snow in Minneapolis.

I hate snow. In theory it’s wonderful, but in practice it’s a pain in the ass.

Snow in Minnesota is rather different than when I was a kid. We used to have snowfalls of maybe four feet. The kind of snow where I’d watch my parents shovel out the driveway only to have it completely covered a short few hours later. The kind of snow that warranted the building of a fort. That was snow, dammit.

Right now it’s pellet snow. So you go outside and get teeny smacks in the side of your head. Like mini-hail.

I did dishes tonight. For those casual readers that are thinking, “Wow. Congratulations on something people do every fucking day.” there are also those non-casual readers thinking, “Well it has been six months. Are you going to let people into your apartment now?”

You know those people who say, “Oh, my apartment/house/condo/mobile home is such a disaster! I don’t want anyone to see it!” and claim their dwelling is a mess so when you finally see the mess you’re amazed at how clean it is and then they feel all happy?

Not me. My apartment is just complete chaos.

I’m working on it.