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I reedited my Saturday. I’m not good at spontaneous thoughts.

Random ancestry story: Rumor has it that I have a relative that was a soldier in the German army during WWII. He was plotting against Hitler and was discovered. He was given the choice of jumping out of a plane sans parachute or meeting with Hitler.

He jumped.

I always questioned the story because I wasn’t sure how someone in our family would know what actually happened to him.

Another random ancestry story: My cabin is in rural Wisconsin (Port Wing). During Prohibition it was a bar. They brewed corn beer in the basement and had dribble glasses at the bar for newcomers. They even had a sandwich (The Hilltop) that was an open-faced sandwich Dad still makes. Al Capone and his gang hung out in nearby Cornucopia, Wisconsin and funded the boys club there. Apparently one day Al needed a ride home to Chicago and asked my grandfather to drive. I’ve seen the remnants (I have shot glasses) and believe the story.

On my Mom’s side, photography is a big thing. My grandfather was in WW2 and worked counterintelligence in England. He has flak photos of the war. I have a map that supposedly hung in war rooms to educate the soldiers to the area. I also have photos he took and his dog tags.

Simpsons thought:
There was a Simpsons quote in the episode tonight: All in all, it’s been a weird, weird lottery. —The End.

Interesting quote. I think I may devote a moment or two tomorrow to see if I can track it down. It’s definitely from a short story. Maybe The Lottery. Which would, you know, make sense.