Dogcows and Drugs


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Task: Reorganizing bookmarks.

Ever wondered about Clarus the dogcow? You can learn all about Clarus in infamous Tech Note 31 on Apple’s website.

Or see what your Oz prison name would be here. Mine’s Nipple Nibbler.

My porn name is Ginger Lake. I always liked that one.

And my smog name is Elizabeth Lake. So there.

Or see what the White House lists as known names of stimulants. I swear some of them are completely made up.

DEA Type: “Excuse me, young man, could you tell me what the slang is for marijuana? You know, ‘Mary Jane.'”

Young Man: “Sure can, Mister. Me and my friends call it… uh… Dinkie dow. Yep, that’s the hip term. That’s street.”

Must pause to get Barenaked Ladies off radio. Ahem:

Why The Barenaked Ladies Suck
by Claire

I do not like the Barenaked Ladies. I never have. This fact amazes a friend, who loves them. His argument: they’re really good.

Here’s my argument: The Barenaked Ladies are basic pop music. Nothing special instrumentally. They try and write these witty, funny, catchy songs that completely and totally fail to be any of those things. It’s not wit. It’s not a sharp sense of humor. It’s annoying. It’s even more annoying because these guys seem to believe their press releases and seem smug about how clever they are.

It’s rhyming with pop culture references thrown in. Not even obscure pop culture references at the very least. And that is why the Barenaked Ladies suck. I have no problem if you like them, just don’t expect to convince me differently.

The end by Claire.