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We were making lunch for the office (it’s Dave’s birthday today) and Heather and I were in the kitchen when a small explosion sounded somewhere outside. We went to go see if Duff was okay (he was at the grill). DA started yelling “Where’s Duff’s head? Where’d his head go?!”

We got outside and Duff was a bit shook. Apparently he thought he was done for when he heard the blast. A power line fuse exploded.

Now his hearing’s gone. Or he’s trying to ignore me.

So we’ve got half power for the lights, but the computers are fine. The linotronic is down, AC is off, and it’s starting to heat up. We’re just hoping the $300 worth of meat in the freezer will stay frozen.

They replaced the fuse and it blew again. The second power surge has taken down some of our computers and phones. I have to shut down before mine goes.

Five computers so far. Freaky.