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Okay. Deep sigh of relief. Deep sigh.

I finally got the courage up to wander out to my car. And it was there! Woo hoo! I was sorta worried I had misunderstood the parking laws and got towed.

Trying not to look like I was wandering around aimlessly, I grabbed a bag of stuff out of my car.

So tonight I’m gonna break out the Swatch phone.

I have no idea if it’ll work. It’s been in sub-zero temperatures for a month or so. And it’s maybe 10 years old.

Alright. Swatch phone works. It’s plastic and kinda discolored, but it has my heart.

And as I admire my Swatch phone, I’m recalling that I had a Swatch clock. It was this oversized watch that hung on the wall.

Man, were the 80s weird.