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I hate Mondays.

Not as much as I hate Sundays, but there you go.

And I had a miserable day at work. I hate that place. If I could get enough freelance…

Anyone need a website?

Who am I kidding. I suppose most everyone hates their job. I gotta figure my life out.

At least I have Thursday and Friday off again. Since I lose all my vacation at the end of the year—despite what the handbook says—I end up taking more days in December than usual.

If they actually honored the handbook, I wouldn’t be taking this time off at all. Serves them right.

I keep writing work stories and keep shelving them, for fear of reprisal. At this point, maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing. I’m so pissed off I’ve been doing things to raise the wrath of the bosses. Probably not brilliant, I know. But that belies my level of utter frustration.

Eh. Enough whining.