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I’m having a crappy day.

Pity me.

I will mention that the only bright spot today was a late lunch at a coffee shop with a friend.

Before I got to the coffee shop, I drove around for a bit. I used to live in NE Minneapolis and I was curious as to what had changed. Our regular coffee shop hang out was gone. The huge furniture store was gone. The Terminal Bar had a new awning that looked too… new.

God. That reminds me of a story. One Saturday night we were out (who we is, I have no idea) and decided around 11:00 to go to the Terminal for some show. One of my friends, who had that night performed at the bar we were at, knew this band and swore they were good.

I thought they were okay, not great. The lead singer had a really long microphone cord and wandered around the place.

But the kicker was the encore.

The lead singer got off the stage and laid down on floor staring at the ceiling and singing away. Some guy came up, unzipped his pants, and started pissing in the singer’s mouth.

Now I’ve got pretty solid odds that the whole event was staged, but still.