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This is incredibly long. Skip it if you get bored easily.

On to interesting (to me) stories. I went to Lund’s on Saturday and was paying for groceries when I noticed my bagger-guy was singing to himself softly. Bottom line: if you sing out loud ever, I like you. Music is like breathing to me.

I don’t usually have baggers help me out to my car, but he had put the bags in a cart dealie, so I asked him to help me to my car.

As a side note, he appeared to be Ethiopian or Nigerian. He was in his 40s, most likely African-born, and had a heavy accent. Now you’re up to speed.

So as we were walking out, he commented on the beautiful day, which it was. This weekend was perfect Minneapolis weekend. For some reason he brought up being in Russia in 1973.

So I asked why he was in Russia. I mean, that’s the Cold War Russia. How cool is that? He went to cinematography school there. I inquired how he came to Minnesota, and he told me that he first came to New York to go to film school for his Masters, then came here. Apparently he was working at the photo processing place in Lund’s until they closed it. Now he’s bagging stupid groceries.

On to my next story:

My mom has been having showings lately, so she has to leave her house a fair piece. She needed to escape and so she came over for lunch and a walk. We wandered down King’s Highway, next to Lakewood Cemetery. I realize that the history part of it would be cool, but I just was too creeped out by the dead people part of it.

Anyway, when we got back to my apartment Mom decided to tackle my vacuum cleaner, and discovered it was clogged. So that that was why it sucked… in the sense that it didn’t (™Ted @ Queer Eye). She then proceeded to vacuum my rug.

THEN, she proceeded to clean my entire livingroom. I protested several times, but she wouldn’t listen. It looks awesome.

I would like to take the time to mention that my mother has never cleaned my apartment before. Nor would I ever ask her. My mom raised me to be self-sufficient. She didn’t raise me to be lazy, but that can’t be helped.

I recently helped her prepare her home to be sold, plus she didn’t want to go home (house being shown) so she decided to say thank you for my help by cleaning my livingroom. No offense, but providing me room and board for 18 years kinda is a pretty big thanks.

I love my mom.

She didn’t want to go home (can’t blame her) so she hung out after the cleaning was done. I turned on Arthur and tried to explain to her why I loved the cartoon show. Yeah, I don’t think she liked it. You win some, you lose some.