Oh the people that you’ll meet.


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This is incredibly long. Skip it if you get bored easily.

I went to Lund’s on Saturday and was paying for groceries when I noticed my bagger-guy was singing to himself softly. Bottom line: if you sing out loud ever, I like you. Music is like breathing to me.

I don’t usually have baggers help me out to my car, but he had put the bags in a cart dealie, so I asked him to help me to my car.

He was in his 40s, most likely African-born, and had a heavy accent. Now you’re up to speed.

So as we were walking out, he commented on the beautiful day, which it was. This weekend was perfect Minneapolis weekend. For some reason he brought up being in Russia in 1973.

So I asked why he was in Russia. I mean, that’s Cold War Russia. He told me he went to cinematography school there. I inquired how he came to Minnesota, and he said that he first came to New York to go to film school for his Masters, then came here. Apparently he was working at the photo processing place in Lund’s until they closed it. Now he’s bagging groceries.