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So I have had trouble sleeping as of late. That’s life, right?

Right. Anyway I am up and it’s after midnight. I was flipping channels and thought I’d check out the artists on the various late night talk shows. Nelly was listed as being on The Late Late Show, so I flipped to there. I figured, Hey, I don’t know his music, but he seems like cool.

Turns out, the musical guest was not Nelly. It was Gomez. Woo hoo!

That is one tight band. As in very gifted. My co-workers are obsessed with them. And they claim that Gomez is amazing live. I’m not surprised.

On a weird note, Nelly is listed as being on the (annoying and annoying) Carson Daly Show. So is No Use for a Name. They are possibly also the show’s backing band. I’ve never watched the show before. I always viewed Carson Daly as an egomanical self-absorbed idiot. But I am always over-reactive about everything.

I must say that, after watching Carson Daly’s talk show, I have underestimated him. His ego is insane. His interviewing style is insipid, and he does appear to be an idiot. That’s pretty much—in my opinion—a horrible horrible show. Even worse than my spelling.

Daly tries so hard to be ironic and/or clever—

Sigh. Bored with the rant. Let’s move on:

Watching the news, I remember why I don’t to watch the news.

There’s an investigation about Minneapolis cops due to a new book that’s out. And their expert is a Normandale prof.

I’m sorry, but if your college is made fun of in Fargo, you should realize that you aren’t considered legitimate.