Uber Geek, anti-geek and dying of dysentery.


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There’s a quiz online, “Are You a Geek“. I took it last month after seeing the link on a music list I’m on. I was 18% geek, which seemed low knowing me, but I was happy with it. I have two officemates around me, and I sent the link to them. The first, a designer, took it and scored -2%. Negative geek. I didn’t know that was possible. The second, a brilliant computer guy who I adore, scored 48%.

So that’s who I’m surrounded by: anti-geek and uber-geek.

On a related topic, we were discussing when we were first exposed to computers. The general consensus was around fifth grade. The game everyone remembers? The Oregon Trail. You had to cross the US in a wagon, making sure to bring enough supplies and hoping against hope that your family didn’t catch cholera or diptheria or whatever (they always did). Then the final raft ride along the river to end the game. Who thinks these games up, anyway?

Apparently Minnesotans.