Torchwood Rhys Williams

Series 1


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Ghost Machine

Rhys: Gwen, I can live with all the Secret Squirrel stuff, but if you can’t even tell me if you’re coming home—
Gwen: Well, nagging isn’t helping.

Out of Time

Rhys: Your mum rang. Funny thing, she has no idea who Emma is.
Gwen: No?
Rhys: And I’m thinking back to you and me on the couch. Work calls, you go out in the middle of the night, and come back with a surprise relative. So let’s have it, who exactly is Pollyanna? Aw, is it to do with work?
Gwen: It’s so hard to explain.
Rhys: Do you even know her?
Gwen: She was lost. I’m sorry.
Rhys: What worries me is how easy it seems to be for you to lie to me, Gwen.


Jack: Sorry to do this, kind of an emergency. I’ll have her back for dessert.
Rhys: Hey, hold on Sarge, that’s my girlfriend.
Gwen: Rhys, this is Jack.
Rhys: Sit down Gwen.

Gwen: He’s my boss.
Rhys: Sit the fuck down.
Gwen: Don’t ever speak to me like that.

Gwen: What time will you be back?
Rhys: Not sure.
Gwen: But, I’m in tonight.
Rhys: Well I’m not.

Gwen: I need to tell you something.
Rhys: What sort of thing?
Gwen: I’ve been sleeping— I’ve been having sex with someone else from work. His name’s Owen. I mean, he’s a bit of a tosser actually, and it’s all gonna stop but, um—
Rhys: Shut up—
Gwen: I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.
Rhys: You wouldn’t do that!
Gwen: But I have.
Rhys: Then, then why are you telling me?
Gwen: Because I’m ashamed. And I’m angry. And I want, I want… I need— I need you to forgive me. And because I’ve drugged you.
Rhys: You’ve done what?
Gwen: Just sit down, it’s nothing. It’s just an amnesia pill. Dash of sedative, you’ll wake up tomorrow and you’ll forget everything. Rhys—
Rhys: God. You selfish bitch!
Gwen: I know, I just thought it would give us a chance— a chance to get everything out in the open, you know? Get everything out. Rhys. Stay with me, Rhys! Say you forgive me. Say, “It’s all right, Gwen.” “Gwen, it’s all right.” Say it, please, Rhys. Rhys, just say it once, say it once: “I forgive you.” Rhys, please say it!

End of Days

Rhys about the global incidents: Do you think it is terrorists?
Gwen: Terrorists bomb things. This is different.
Woman on TV: People didn’t believe us. Now they should. This is the end of days.