The O.C. Season 2

The Risky Business


Logan Marshall-Green

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Trey: Just ah, something I picked up in prison.
Seth entering: Ah yeah, the old scallion and shiv omelet. I’ve seen Lockup. Stallone’s finest work since Over the Top.
Trey: Stallone, huh? Eh, I’m more of a Van Damme fan.
Ryan: What, are you kidding me? Segal, man.
Seth: Yeah, a divided house can not eat. Now we all gotta get together between a single action hero.

Sandy: So a charity event where the donors keep half the profits and a yard sale with no yard. Hm. So that’s how they do it in the OC.

Sandy: Hey, guys. I’m chairing The OC Pseudo-Charity Non-Yard sale.
Seth: Hey, Dad, that’s fantastic.
Ryan: Good luck with that.

Trey: This is the crystal egg from Risky Business?
Newpsie 2: Well it’s not the F-14 from Top Gun.

Sandy: Joanne. Tell me you didn’t order those napkin rings? This is not a mob wedding.

Sandy: Okay, folks, here’s a beautiful Erté-esque statue. Yes, indeed. Very fetching. What do we start the bidding at? looks at sheet $75. I guess it’s more “esque” than Erté.

Ryan: Okay, you stay here.
Seth: What are you going to do?
Ryan: I don’t know.
Seth: Okay, I got a plan. The kind of plan that made me All-Camp Capture-the-Flag Champ Tahoe. And it is extremely stealth.

Ryan: Hey, go deep.
Seth to himself: This never worked in PE.