The O.C. Season 2

The Brothers Grim


Alan Dale  Logan Marshall-Green  Michael Cassidy

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Ryan getting off the phone: That was Trey.
Kirsten: Your brother?
Ryan: Yeah. He’s getting out of jail tomorrow. Wants me to pick him up in Chino.
Seth: Well, there’s that family trip you wanted.

Kirsten: I know Trey is the only family that Ryan has and I do think that we should help him—
Sandy: But you’re scared I’ll want to adopt him.

Summer seeing Zach pull up on a Vespa: Oh my god, I’m having a panic spiral.

Julie: I made a mistake, Kiki. A naked mistake.
Kirsten: Excuse me?
Julie: A hundred years ago, a boyfriend convinced me to let him film me. In the act. I was young, living on ramen, and I needed the money.

Seth to Zach: Hey, man. You came back. People never leave and come back.

Seth: You’re still an Atwood. Only a slightly more edgy, darker version. I think. But some people think Ryan’s gotten softer.
Trey (Logan Marshall-Green): Ryan said you talk a lot.

Caleb: Is there anything else?
Julie: Well I made an adult film in the 80s with an ex-boyfriend who’s is now threatening to to release it on the internet unless I pay him half a million dollars. And I would really like to redo the kitchen.

Zach: I’ll always remember how you owned that Whack-a-Mole.

Summer: And you told Cohen because you knew it would get back to me.
Zach: Within minutes.

Ryan: Remember what happened last time you came to Chino?
Marissa: Yeah. I saved your ass.

Seth: I saw the high road there and I just did not take it on that one.

Julie: You can go on with your life, Cal. But I am never leaving this room. My Howard Hughes phase starts now.