The O.C. Season 2

The Blaze of Glory


Billy Campbell  Olivia Wilde

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Seth: I gotta say, last year? Better than this year.
Ryan: Maybe it’s because last year was new.

Ryan: Live in the now, Seth.
Seth: I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t do that.

Kirsten: He wants to take it beyond gossip and dish. Focus on culture, the local art scene.
Sandy: So it’s really more of a pamphlet than a magazine.

Seth: That guy worked an entire summer in construction. And also he enjoys architecture and burning stuff down.

Marissa: That’s a good idea. Thanks.
Seth: Don’t mention it… especially not to Summer.

Ryan: So… can I borrow Captain Oats?
Seth to Captain Oats: Oats? Now Ryan is going to use you as an inspiration. Now, if he touches you any place weird… and by weird I mean whispers to Captain Oats, I want you to neigh as loud as you can.

Sandy: Julie, you scared me. More than usual.
Julie: Always a pleasure, Sanford.
Sandy: Only Caleb gets to call me Sanford because he won’t not.

Sandy: So you started out with a porn director and ended up with Caleb. I’d consider that a lateral move.

Carter: This magazine is just a photo opportunity for 55 year old women with 25 year old breasts.
Kirsten: But this is chance to turn this community upside-down. Be subversive, irreverent.
Carter: I’d rather be drunk.

Seth: Did I say slept in a tent? What I mean to say is that they repented for lent.

Seth: Someone’s going to kill me.

Ryan: I’m not going to the bonfire.
Julie: But you have go to the bonfire.
Ryan: What, are you and Seth working on the same team now?

Ryan: It’s not about me, I’m here because of her mom.
Alex: What are you and Julie Cooper a team, now?

Marissa: Hey. I thought you weren’t coming.
Ryan: Captain Oats was rather concerned that he wouldn’t be represented.

Julie: I am so screwed.
Sandy: I know. I saw the footage.