The O.C. Season 2

The Rager


Billy Campbell  Logan Marshall-Green  Marguerite Moreau  Michael Cassidy

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Sandy: I tell you the timing in this household is a thing of beauty.

Trey: I’m sorry, Ryan. Okay? I screwed up. And you and Seth and Marissa saved my ass. I know that. Will you please just accept my apology?
Ryan: Don’t keep Sandy waiting.

Seth: He doesn’t exactly seem overburdened with possessions. Unless that bag of his is like Mary Poppins’. {pause} I wish I’d never made that reference.

Carter: Kirsten, congratulations. As of this morning you are a bona fide magazine publisher.
Kirsten: I know. The first issue’s on the stands.
Carter: I was referring to our very first libel suit.
Kirsten: What?
Carter: Nick Morton. Newport Beach Politico. Doesn’t like the profile we ran. Thinks it makes him look sleazy.
Kirsten: You wrote that profile.
Carter: I know. I made him look sleazy.

Carter: A surfboard coffee table. I am in The O.C.

Marissa: Nice bean bag.
Trey: Yeah. It’s kind of a stupid first thing to buy, but I’ve always wanted one.

Seth: Listen, I love girls and I love comics. But the two do not mix okay? It’s gonna be like, “Let’s make their outfits cuter…”

Reed (Marguerite Moreau) about Zach: You’re like Doogie Howser meets Gordon Gekko but with dimples.

Ryan: Why are you doing all this? Going over to see him, wanting to throw him a birthday party?
Marissa: He’s your brother.
Ryan: Exactly. He’s my brother. And if everyone had just let me handle it from the beginning then none of this would have happened.

Seth: Hey, you know this is actually our first conversation in the pool house since Marissa left.
Ryan: Let’s not talk about Marissa.
Seth: What? C’mon, we did me, let’s go around the horn.

Sandy: Ah, you’re just out of practice. Everybody hits themselves in the face with the board.
Carter: Three times in one wave?
Sandy: Well, that was impressive.

Summer: Oh my god, you are the most supportive non-girlfriend in history.

Lance: Jules. How the hell did you find me?
Julie: Well it was easy, Lance. I just looked for the cheapest, scummiest motel near a liquor store and voila.

Lance: Let’s just be reasonable here, Jules.
Julie: I am being reasonable. In one night you destroyed a life I spent almost twenty years building. So I’m here to kill you.
Lance: Wait! {she pulls the trigger} No bullets.
Julie: No. Unfortunately. But just for a second I wanted you to feel like your life was being taken away.

Ryan: People who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Well, I’ve learned.
Seth: Yeah, you’ve learned. But, you know, the great victory is gonna be what? Not seeing your brother anymore? Congratulations.

Seth: Would you relax. He’s probably just going to buy cigarettes. Or getting into that suspicious looking Camaro. With a guy that looks like Lou Reed.

Trey: You know it’s funny, ’cause when I saw you I thought to myself, “My brother’s come over to take me to breakfast for my birthday.” You know, maybe I’m the idiot for believing.

Marissa: Afraid someone’s gonna steal your beanbag?
Trey: Yeah, actually.

Summer: Cohen learned how to use the grill this summer. It’s a major life achievement.
Seth: That’s right. I grilled some corn, I grilled some veggies…. I found something in Marissa’s fridge, I just, I grilled it.

Julie: I don’t want to come home and find I’m living in Delta House

Kirsten: Hey Carter. You look nice.
Carter: Oh thanks. Sandy told me to spiff it up a bit.
Sandy: Yeah, I didn’t want him to embarrass us.

Ryan: You won’t get into trouble for this, right?
Marissa: Yeah. It’s not like I’m throwing a rager.

Ryan: I think your mom would understand, don’t you think? If she came home right now.
Marissa: Oh definitely. I mean, she did say Trey could have a beer.

Ryan: You’ve been amazing.
Marissa: I know what it’s like to have someone who believes in you when no one else does.

Seth: It’s déja vu. OC party, attacked by a water polo guy, saved by an Atwood.

Zach: What are you doing telling her I’m gay?
Seth: Now I said “gay vibe.” I distinctly remember saying “gay vibe.” And the two are very different.

Lance: Look, don’t go yet. One more drink. For Whitesnake.
Julie: For Whitesnake.

Summer: Cohen, just shut up. ‘Cause even when you’re not lying you’re lying.

Sandy to Trey: Keep your mouth shut. I’ll meet you in jail. {to the arresting officer} Officer, I’m his lawyer.