The O.C. Season 3

The Swells


Cam Gigandet  Jeff Hephner  Jeri Ryan  Johnny Lewis  Kayla Ewell  Paula Trickey  Rob Brownstein

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Summer: Nightmares, huh? You know at first I thought you were just a sweaty sleeper. I didn’t want to say anything, but—
Marissa: Because I thought if I slept with you they’d go away.
Summer: You talk to Ryan about it?
Marissa: I try. I mean you know how he is.
Summer: Yeah, not much with words.
Marissa: And he went through it with me. He should understand.
Summer: Well I’m here.
Marissa: I jut wish that Ryan knew that was all he had to say.

Seth: The break up, they get back together. Whatever. It’s the natural cycle. It has to do with the tides.
Summer: No, it’s different now! If they break up now she could disappear. She could get swallowed up in Newport Union. It’s like the Bermuda Triangle.

Taylor: Have you heard about the lock-in tomorrow night? The entire senior class is gonna spend the night in the gym.
Summer: Oo! We can’t make it.
Seth: Yeah. I’m taking off my arm with a hacksaw.
Taylor: Oh. Well that’s a shame. You’re gonna have to miss that. Lock-in’s mandatory. It counts as a class.

Marissa: You should come by tomorrow, check it out.
Summer: You know I would. I guess ah— I have to be imprisoned in the gym and forced to eat s’mores. {pause} Yeah, I wish I was kidding.

Sandy: Where’s Marissa?
Summer: Oh, she’s busy.
Ryan: Is she studying? ‘Cause I’ve been known to get her to blow off some homework.
Summer: She’s not studying. She’s at the beach with Johnny. {awkward pause}
Seth: Ryan, try not to punch Summer.
Summer: I’m just the messenger.

Williams (Rob Brownstein): Mr. Cohen, I’d like to assure you that I intend to keep Caleb Nichol’s legacy in place.
Sandy about the Martinson complex: So you’re not gonna knock ’em down and build another juice shop?
Williams: You have my word.

Veronica Townsend (Paula Trickey): Are those your prisoners? They look like they want to be here just about as much as I do.

Veronica: Taylor, untuck your shirt. Your ass is so not made for low riders.
Taylor: Got it.

Volchok (Can Gigandet): Hey Casey, hold up a second. I thought you were dating Harper.
Casey (Kayla Ewell): I am.
Volchok: Doesn’t look like it.

Charlotte (Jeri Ryan): Sounds like a wonderful cause.
Julie: So you’ll help us throw it?
Kirsten: Actually I told myself I’d wait awhile until I jump back into all that. You know those Newpsies. Make you want to drink.

Ryan: What’s that about?
Seth: I don’t know. Summer called. She said something about you getting to some guy’s house on Dune Row right away. Some emergency.
Ryan: Is it Marissa?
Seth: I don’t know. My cell phone was confiscated. Which I do believe is a violation of my civil liberties!

Chili (Johnny Lewis): I don’t get it. Why don’t you like me?
Summer: I’m already dating a dork.
Chili: Hm.
Summer: Yeah.
Chili: That kind of gives me inspiration.

Seth’s Voicemail: This is Seth. It’s 2005. You know how these things work.

Ryan: Johnny? You mean that Johnny hanging with his girlfriend, Johnny?
Summer: I have a bit of a hair trigger.

Sandy: I’ll have to think about this. You know what that means. I gotta ask my wife.

Ryan: So look, I just want you to know I’m only here because Summer called.
Marissa: You sure you’re not here because you’re freaked out about me and Johnny?
Ryan: Well I wasn’t but I’m starting to think I should be. What’s going on with you guys?

Seth: I’m freaking out right now. I’m using a payphone and god knows what Asian strain of lip herpes I’m contracting.
Ryan: That’s disgusting. I’ll be there as soon as possible.

Summer: I’m sorry I overreacted. I meddled. Oh my god, I’m Seth.

Volchok: You get my sponsorship, I got your girl. Seems fair to me.

Julie: There is not a lie in the world I haven’t heard or told so just give it to me straight, it’ll save us a lot of time.
Charlotte: I was never going to hurt you, Julie.
Julie: Right. You were just going to scam me into throwing a big charity and leave me to pick up the pieces so you could skip town.
Charlotte: Well what if you help me?
Julie: Are you drinking again?

Kirsten: I thought you loathed corporate America.
Sandy: Oh I do. I loathe it all. The greed, Republicans, navy suits.

Seth to Taylor about the flying shoe: You gotta watch out for those. {to everyone} Uh, hi everybody. My name is Seth Cohen. Of the West Coast Cohens. And I was feeling like we should all play a delicious game of Capture-the-Flag. Now I should warn all of you, I’m very talented at this game. Yeah, I was all-camp Capture-the-Flag at Camp Tacahoe.

Sandy: I haven’t had tequila in forever.
Matt (Jeff Hephner): Then we should have the whole bottle. Game on, man.
Sandy: What? What’s next? A frat party at SC?
Matt: No, I just wanted to celebrate.
Sandy: Listen I expect you to take this job seriously. I’m not gonna be out drinking with you every night after work. Weekends maybe. And tonight. Game on, Matt.
Matt: Game on, boss.

Taylor: Sorry! I can’t hear you.
Summer to Taylor: What do you mean you can’t hear—? You’re responding!
Taylor: Sorry!