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Seth: Is that a new shirt?
Ryan: Yeah. Your mom bought me some new clothes. Which she didn’t have to do.
Seth: Right. Because we all know you get a lot of mileage out of a tank top. Hey, speaking of which, do you think I could pull off the wife beater? You know, switch up my look. Gotcha. You got your style, I’ve got mine.

Ryan: Ever since your parents took me in they’ve been paying for everything. I can’t keep taking their money.
Seth: They’re parents. They work for us.

Ryan: You gonna be okay?
Seth: Yes. Before you moved here all I did was hang out by myself anyways. So it’s really a return to form.

Donnie (Paul Wesley): Welcome to Newport. Where things only appear to be casual.

Sandy: Listen I was thinking. How would you like some free legal advice?
Jimmy: You wanna be my lawyer? How long do you want to send me away for?
Sandy: I got way too big an ego for that.
Jimmy: Yeah, well. That’s true.
Sandy: No, I wouldn’t be representing you. I’ve got a friend who’s a securities attorney. But I could help you put together a case.
Jimmy: Why would you do that? You don’t even like me.
Sandy: Well I’m a public defender. I represent a lot of people I don’t like.

Ryan: When I asked if you wanted to hang out, I was asking you out.
Marissa: I know.
Ryan: I just wanted to clear that up because I’m going to ask you out again.

Jimmy: Look, I get it from my wife every day. My daughters won’t talk to me. I got my ass kicked in front of everyone at the most elegant event of the year—I get, okay man? I definitely understand.

Seth: How do you feel about a little thing that I like to call… the IMAX Experience. pause. This town sucks, best I could do.

Seth: I do enjoy the crazy honeys.

Ryan: It’s kind of a shady neighborhood. It’s pretty hardcore up there.
Seth: Dude, it’s Long Beach, not Chechnya.

In front of a trashed Range Rover
Sandy: So this happened in the parking lot of the IMAX movie theater?
Seth: Shark movies bring out a rough crowd.

Seth: It turns out that I’m quite skilled at getting a date, provided it’s not for me.

Donnie: How much ‘you hate this kid, Ryan? The way he talks to you like you’re trash? What about you, Seth?
Seth: Yeah. He’s definitely flawed.

Kirsten: I’m sorry if I upset you. It wasn’t my place.
Julie: I remember as a kid if I saw a limousine driving, I’d always try to see through the tinted window, wondering what kind of life the people inside lived. How glamorous and lucky. Who knew, right? You knew. You were probably in there staring back at me. Which means I’ve been jealous of you since I was eight. When I met Jimmy I had nothing. No money. I don’t want to go back to being nothing again.
Kirsten: You won’t. You have a family, you have Jimmy. And he loves you.
Julie: Not as much as he loved you. But I knew that when I married him. I was winning the lottery. Great guy, great life. And he was doing the honorable thing.
Kirsten: It’s your turn, Julie. Don’t abandon him.

Seth: It’d be good to take some me-time—work on the novel. Tonight would make a good chapter. Were you scared?
Ryan: Yeah.

Seth: United, we’re unstoppable, but divided it’s like—
Ryan: People get shot.
Seth: That’s what I’m saying.