Stargate SG-1 Season 4



Dan Shea

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Hammond: Glad you could make it, Colonel.
O’Neill: Wouldn’t miss it, sir. This my favorite part

O’Neill: You look tense.
Jackson: I’d say anxious.
Teal’c: I am neither tense nor anxious. Perhaps concerned.
Jackson: Why?
Teal’c: The address for this planet was procured from the Repository of the Ancients.

Hammond: What’s it doing?
Carter: Flying, sir.
O’Neill: MALPs can’t fly.
Jackson: Apparently they can.
O’Neill: Shouldn’t there be a memo on this stuff?

O’Neill about Fraiser: Who put her in charge?
Hammond: The U.S. Air Force.
Teal’c: In medical matters Dr. Fraiser may overrule those of any rank.
O’Neill: I’m not getting all my memos.

O’Neill playing with the camera: I think it likes me.

O’Neill: Forget to change light bulbs, Siler?
Siler: That’s not my job, sir. {he glares at him} Yes sir. My fault.

Jackson: It’s obviously fighting to survive.
O’Neill: So do bacteria!
Carter: It’s trying to communicate.
O’Neill: So do bac— !

Carter: This one has memory of you.
O’Neill: The one you’re talking about is a person. Major Samantha Carter.
Carter: Then. I am Maj—
O’Neill: No. No, you’re not.

Jackson: So you came here to? To what?
Carter: Preserve.
Jackson: Preserve your world.
Carter: Yes.
Jackson: How?
Carter: By destroying you.
O’Neill: Well that’s not going to happen.

Jackson: In a way you succeeded. We won’t go back there. You can repair the damage we did and we won’t send any more probes through.
O’Neill: Yes we will.
Jackson: Jack?
O’Neill: We’ll send dozens of them. One after another. I don’t care what it does.
Carter: No.
O’Neill: Leave her. Now.
Carter: You won’t.
O’Neill: You’ve read my file. Think again.

O’Neill: If you want to preserve, leave Major Carter right now.