Doctor Who Series 6

Day of the Moon


Glenn Wrage  Kerry Shale  Mark Sheppard  Marnix Van Den Broeke  Ricky Fearon  Stuart Milligan  Sydney Wade

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3 Months Later – July 1969

Amy: Is that a body bag?
Canton Delaware (Mark Sheppard): Yes it is.
Amy: It’s empty.
Canton: How ’bout that.
Amy: Do you even know why you’re doing this, eh? Can you even remember? The warehouse.

Area 51 – Nevada

Canton: We found Amy Pond. She had strange markings on her arm. Do you know what they are?
The Doctor: Why don’t you ask her.

New York

Canton: It’s over.
River: They’re here, Canton. They’re everywhere.
Canton: I know. America is being invaded.
River: You were invaded a long time ago. America is occupied!
Canton: You’re coming with us, Dr. Song. There’s no way out this time.
River: There’s always a way out. {She swan dives off the building.}

Canton: We found Dr. Song.
The Doctor: These bricks, what are they made of? {switching gears} Where is she?
Canton: She ran. Off the fiftieth floor.
The Doctor: I’d say zero balance dwarf star alloy. The densest material in the Universe. Nothing gets through that. You’re building me the perfect prison. {He turns to Canton} And it still won’t be enough.

Glen Canyon Dam – Arizona

Rory: What are you waiting for?
Canton: I’m waiting for you to run. It’ll look better if I shot you while you’re running. Then again— {he aims} looks aren’t everything.

The Doctor: Is there a reason you’re doing this?
Canton: I want you to know where you stand.
The Doctor: In a cell.
Canton: In a perfect cell. Nothing can penetrate these walls. No sound. Not a radio wave. Not the tiniest particle of anything. In here, you’re literally cut off from the rest of the Universe.

Canton: So I guess they can’t hear us, right?
The Doctor: Good work, Canton. Door sealed?
Canton: You bet.

Rory: These things could really do with air holes!
Canton: Never had a complaint before.
Amy: Isn’t it going to look odd that you’re standing here with us?
Canton: Odd, but not alarming. They know there’s no way out of this place.
The Doctor: Exactly! Whatever they think we might be doing in here, they know we’re not going anywhere. {he leans against the invisible TARDIS} Shall we?

Canton: What about Dr. Song? She dove off a rooftop.
The Doctor: Don’t worry, she’s out there. Amy! Rory! Open all the doors to the swimming pool.

The Doctor: So. We know they’re everywhere. Not just a landing party, an occupying force. And they’ve been here a very long time. But nobody knows that, because no one can remember them.
Canton: So what are they up to?
The Doctor: No idea. But the good news is we’ve got a secret weapon.

River: Apollo Eleven’s your secret weapon?
The Doctor: No no. It’s not Apollo Eleven. That would be silly. It’s Neil Armstrong’s foot.

The Doctor: So! Three months. What have we found out?
Rory: Well they are everywhere. Every state in America.
The Doctor: Not just America, the entire world.
River: There’s a greater concentration here though.

The Doctor: You okay?
Amy: All better.
The Doctor: Better?
Amy: Turns out I was wrong. I’m not pregnant.

Canton: So you’ve seen them, but you don’t remember them?
River: You’ve seen them too. That night at the warehouse. Remember? While you were pretending to hunt us down we saw hundreds of those things. We still don’t know what they look like.
Rory: It’s like they edit themselves out of your memory the minute you look away. The exact second you’re not looking at them you can’t remember anything.

Canton: So that’s why you marked your skin?
Amy: Only way we’d know if we had an encounter.
Canton: How long have they been here?
Amy: That’s what we’ve spent the last three months trying to find out.
Rory: Yeah, not easy if you can’t remember anything you discover.
Canton: How long do you think?
The Doctor: As long as there’s been something in the corner of your eye, or creaking in your house or breathing under your bed or voices through a wall. They’ve been running your lives for a very long time now, so keep this straight in your head. We are not fighting an alien invasion. We’re leading a revolution. And today the battle begins.

The Doctor: Look at your hand.
Canton: Why’s it doing that?
The Doctor: What does it mean if the light’s flashing? What did I just tell you?
Canton: I haven’t—
The Doctor: Play it.

The Doctor: You just saw an image of one of the creatures we’re fighting. Describe it.
Canton: I can’t.
The Doctor: No. Neither can I.

The Doctor: Now then. A little girl in a spacesuit. They got the suit from NASA but where did they get the girl?
Canton: Could be anywhere.
The Doctor: Except they’d probably stay close to that warehouse because why bother doing anything else. And they’d take her from somewhere that would cause the least amount of tension. But you’ll have to find her, I’m off to NASA.

Dr. Renfrew (Kerry Shale): Please excuse the writing. It keeps happening. I try to clean it up.
Amy: It’s the kids, yeah? They do that.
Dr. Renfrew: Yes. The children. It must be. Yes. {they see GET OUT written on his arm}.

Canton: We nearly didn’t come to this place. I understood Graystark Hall was closed 1967.
Dr. Renfrew: That’s the plan, yes.
Amy: The plan?
Dr. Renfrew: Not long now, yes.
Canton: It’s 1969.
Dr. Renfrew: No no, we close in ’67. That’s the plan, yes.
Canton: You misunderstood me, sir. It’s 1969 now.
Dr. Renfrew: Why are you saying that? Of course it isn’t.
Canton: July.

Amy’s recording: I can see them. I think they’re asleep. Get out! Just get out!

Mr. Gardner (Glenn Wrage): Now one more time, sir. How the hell did you get in to the command module?
The Doctor: I told you! I’m on a top secret mission for the President. {he tries to bite through the handcuffs}
Mr. Gardner: Well maybe if you just get President Nixon to assure us of that, sir. That would be swell.
The Doctor: I sent him a message.

Canton: This place, it’s been closed for years. What have you been doing?
Dr. Renfrew: Oh, the child. She must be cared for. It’s important. That’s what they said.
Canton: That’s what who said?

Amy: Who are you? I don’t understand so just tell me who you are! I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shoot you. I’m glad I missed. But you killed the Doctor. Or you’re gonna kill him. But who are you? Just please, tell me, because I don’t understand.
Little Girl (Sydney Wade): Just please help me. Help me, please.

Canton: What are you? You can tell me. ‘Cause I won’t remember. You invaded us. You’re everywhere. Are you armed?
The Silent (Marnix Van Den Broeke): This world is ours. We have ruled it since the wheel and the fire. We have no need of weapons.
Canton: Yeah. {He shoots him.} Welcome to America.

Nixon: Doctor, you have to give me more than this. What were you doing to Apollo Eleven?
The Doctor: A thing. A clever thing. Now. No more questions. You have to trust me. And nobody else.

Rory: Where is she, Doctor?
River: It’s empty.
Amy: Dark. So dark. I don’t know where I am. Please, can anybody hear me?
Rory: They took this out of her. How did they do that, Doctor? Why can I still hear her?
River: Is it a recording?
The Doctor: Um, it defaults to live. This is current. Wherever she is right now, this is what she’s saying.
Rory: Amy, can you hear me? We’re coming for you. Wherever you are we’re coming, I swear.
The Doctor: She can’t hear you. I’m so sorry. It’s one-way.
Rory: She can always hear me, Doctor. Always. Wherever she is and she always knows that I am coming for her, do you understand me? Always.

The Doctor: Who and what are you?
The Silent: The Silents, Doctor. We are the Silents. And Silence will fall!

The Doctor: Who was she? Why put her in here?
River: Put this on, you don’t even need to eat. The suit processes sun directly. It’s got built-in weaponry. And a communications system that can hack into anything.
The Doctor: Including the telephone network?
River: Easily.
The Doctor: But why phone the President?
River: It defaults to the highest authority it can find. The little girl gets frightened, the most powerful man on Earth gets a phone call.

River: You won’t learn anything from that envelope, you know.
The Doctor: Purchased on Earth. Perfectly ordinary stationery. TARDIS blue. Summoned by a stranger who won’t even show his face. That’s a first for me. How about you?
River: Our lives are back-to-front. Your future’s my past. Your firsts are my lasts.
The Doctor: That’s not really what I asked.
River: Ask something else then.

The Doctor: It’s possible she’s not just any little girl.
River: Well I’d say she’s human by the life support software.
The Doctor: But?
River: She climbed out of this suit. She forced her way out. She must be incredibly strong.
The Doctor: Incredibly strong and running away. I like her.

River: We should be trying to find her.
The Doctor: Yes, but how? Anyway I have the strangest feeling she’s going to find us.

Rory: Why does it look like a NASA spacesuit?
The Doctor: Because that’s what the Silence do, think about it. They don’t make anything themselves. They don’t have to. They get other life forms to do it for them.
River: So they’re parasites then.
The Doctor: Super-parasites. Standing in the shadows of human history since the very beginning. We know they can influence human behavior any way they want. If they’ve been doing that on a global scale for thousands of years.
Rory: Then what?
The Doctor: Then why did the human race suddenly decide to go to the moon? Because the Silence needed a spacesuit.

The Silent: You tend to my wounds. You are foolish.
Canton: Why? What would you do in my place?
The Silent: We have ruled your lives since your lives began. You should kill us all on sight. But you will never remember. We weren’t even here. Your will is ours!
Canton: Well. Sorry to disappoint you. But thanks, that’s exactly what I needed to hear. This is a video phone. Whatever a video phone is.

River: Doctor, a unit like this, would it ever be able to move without an occupant?
The Doctor: Why?
River: Well the little girl said the space man was coming to eat her. Maybe that’s exactly what happened.

The Doctor: She’ll be safe for now. Now point in a dead hostage.
Rory: Can’t you save her?
The Doctor: I can track that signal back, take us right to her.
Rory: Then why haven’t you?
The Doctor: Because then what? I find her and then what do I do? This isn’t an alien invasion, they live here. This is their empire. This is kicking the Romans out of Rome.
Rory: Rome fell.
The Doctor: I know. I was there.
Rory: So was I.

The Doctor: Personal question?
Rory: Seriously? You?
The Doctor: Do you ever remember it? Two thousand years waiting for Amy? The Last Centurion.
Rory: No.
The Doctor: Are you lying?
Rory: Of course I’m lying.
The Doctor: Of course you are. Not the sort of thing anyone forgets.
Rory: But I don’t remember it all the time. It’s like this door in my head, I can keep it shut.

The Silent: We do you honor. You will bring the Silents. But your part will soon be over.
Amy: Well whatever that means, you’ve made a big mistake bringing me here ’cause wait ’til you see what’s coming for you now.

The Doctor: Sorry, are you in middle of something? Just had to say though, have you seen what’s on the telly? Oh ‘allo, Amy. Are you all right? Wanna watch some television?

The Doctor: Ah, no, stay where you are! ‘Cause look at me, I’m confident. You wanna watch that, me when I’m confident. Oh and this is my friend River. Nice hair, clever, has her own gun. Oh, and unlike me she really doesn’t mind shooting people. I shouldn’t like that, kinda do a bit.
River: Thank you, Sweetie.
The Doctor: I know you’re team players and everything, but she’ll definitely kill the first three of you.
River: Oh the first seven, easily.
The Doctor: Seven. Really?
River: Oh, eight for you, honey.
The Doctor: Stop it.
River: Make me.
The Doctor: Yeah well, maybe I will.
Amy: Is this really important, flirting? Because I feel like I should be higher on the list right now.

The Doctor: Or maybe you could just listen a minute. Because all I really want to do is accept your total surrender and then I’ll let you go in peace. Yes, you’ve been interfering in human history for thousands of years. Yes, people have suffered and died. But what’s the point in two hearts if you can’t be a bit forgiving now and then. Oh. The Silence. You guys take that seriously, don’t you? Okay, you got me. I’m lying. I’m not really going to let you go that easily. Nice thought but it’s not Christmas. First. You tell me about the girl. Who is she, why is she important? What’s she for? Guys. Sorry. But you’re way out of time.

The Doctor: Now, come on. A bit of history for you. Aren’t you proud, ’cause you helped. Now. Do you know how many people are watching this live on the telly? Half a billion. And that’s nothing, because the human race will spread out among the stars—you just watch them fly. Billions and billions of them, for billions and billions of years. And every single one of them at some point in their lives will look back at this man taking that very first step and they will never ever forget it.

Neil Armstrong: That’s one small step for man. {the video breaks in, looped}
The Silent: You should kill us all on sight. You should kill us all on sight.
The Doctor: You’ve given the order for your own execution. And the whole planet just heard you.
Armstrong: One giant leap for mankind.
The Doctor
: And one whacking great kick up the backside for the Silence. You just raised an army against yourself. And now, for a thousand generations, you’re going to be ordering them to destroy you every day. How fast can you run? ‘Cause today’s the day the human race throw you off their planet. They won’t even know they’re doing it. I think quite possibly the word you’re looking for right now is, “Oops! Run.” Guys, I mean us. Run!

River: What are you doing?
The Doctor: Helping!
River: You’ve got a screwdriver! Go build a cabinet!
The Doctor: That’s really rude!
River: Shut up and drive.

River: My old fellah didn’t see that, did he? He gets ever so cross.
Rory: So… what kind of doctor are you?
River: Archaeology. Love a tomb.

President Richard M. Nixon (Stuart Milligan): So we’re safe again.
The Doctor: Safe? No, of course you’re not safe. There’s about a billion other things out there just waiting to burn your whole world. But if you want to pretend you’re safe just so you can sleep at night, okay. You’re safe. But you’re not really.

Nixon: I was wondering—
The Doctor: Should warn you, I don’t answer a lot of questions.
Nixon: Because I’m the President at the beginning of his time. Dare I ask, will I be remembered?
The Doctor: Oh Dicky. Tricky Dicky. They’re never going to forget you. Say hi to David Frost for me.

The Doctor: You could come with us.
River: I escape often enough, thank you. And I have a promise to live up to. You’ll understand soon enough.
The Doctor: Okay. Up to you. See you next time. Call me!
River: What? That’s it? What’s the matter with you?
The Doctor: Have I forgotten something?
River: Oh… shut up. {she kisses him}

The Doctor: Right. Okay. Interesting.
River: What’s wrong? You’re acting like we’ve never done that before.
The Doctor: We haven’t. Oh, look at the time. Must be off. But it was very nice. It was good. It was unexpected. You know what they say, “There’s a first time for everything.”
River: And a last time.

The Doctor: You told me you were pregnant.
Amy: Yes.
The Doctor: Why?
Amy: ‘Cause I was. I mean I thought I was. Turns out I wasn’t.
The Doctor: No, I mean why did you tell me?
Amy: Because you’re my friend. You’re my best friend.
The Doctor: Hm. Did you tell Rory?
Amy: No.

The Doctor: So. This little girl, it’s all about her. Who was she? Or we could just go off and have some adventures. Anyone in the mood for adventures? ‘Cause I am. You only live once.

New York – 6 Months Later

Homeless Guy (Ricky Fearon): Are you okay? Little girl, are you okay?
Little Girl: It’s all right. It’s quite all right. I’m dying. But I can fix that. It’s easy really. See?