Being Human Series 1

Where the Wild Things Are

2009.02.22    S01E05

Aidan Turner  Annabel Scholey  Clare Higgins  Dylan Brown  Gregg Chillin  Jason Watkins  Lenora Crichlow  Russell Tovey  Sama Goldie

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George: We meet people and fall in love. And when we part, they leave marks for us to remember them by. Our lovers sculpt us. They define us. For better or worse. Like a pinball, we slam into them and rebound in a different direction. Propelled by the contact. And after their parting, we might be scarred. But stronger. Or more fragile or needy or angry or guilty. But never unchanged. Our lovers linger inside us like ghosts. Haunting the corridors and deserted rooms. Sometimes whispering. Sometimes screaming. Invisible but… always there. Waiting.

George: More jam?
Annie: How many is that now?
George: That’s eleven jars. I wonder what it is about us that says we need jam.
Annie: It’s a gesture. They feel guilty.
George: Yeah. So is writing “pedo” on the front door.

Annie: I’m going to haunt Owen.
George: Okay.
Annie: I think that’s why I’m still here. In fact I’m certain. You know I thought finding out what happened would be it but… clearly more to it because. Well. Look. I haven’t gone.

George: Alright. Well can I just state for the record that, I understand why you’re doing this but… I don’t want you to go.
Annie: Noted.

Annie: You know what I said about making him confess? It’s not just that. I want to scare him. To make him cry and beg and scream. It’s not just about justice, it’s more jagged than that. Is that wrong?
George: It’s human. Not everything about being human is nice.

Mitchell sliding over a mug: Black coffee. No sugar. Just a splash of water from the tap…. Hello Josie.
Josie (Clare Higgins): My god, is it really you? You haven’t changed.
Mitchell: Neither have you.
Josie: Liar.

Josie: Look at you. Frozen. Like a photograph.

Owen (Gregg Chillin): Annie?
Annie: Not anymore. I am darkness. I am death. Vengeance and fury! Fire and blood! Diamonds and bones! Sapphire and… steel. Confess, Owen. Confessssss!

Owen: Hey Annie? That the best you got? I knew it. I fucking knew it. All that stuff happening at my house. I thought it was just… guilt. {he laughs.} See I should have known that even death wouldn’t be a match for one of your sulks. I mean that’s what this is, isn’t it? It’s the Isle of Wight all over again.
Annie: A sulk? You killed me.

Owen: So what are you then? A ghost? How does this work? What? Come on. Spit it out! Quiet as the grave. Well. I think we’re done here, don’t you? See, I should charge rent for three. See ya.

Herrick (Jason Watkins): Everyone looking after you?
Mitchell: They won’t leave me alone. I can’t even take a piss with out someone going, “Hey, can I tag along?”
Herrick: Yeah and I bet that was Seth.

Lauren (Annabel Scholey): You shouldn’t do that. Let them take someone you care about.
Mitchell: Why not?
Lauren: They might become cruel. It changes you, this life.
Mitchell: Didn’t change me.
Lauren: It did. Just took longer.

George: He didn’t freak out? At all?
Annie: It makes sense really when you think about it. We were expecting him to react like a sane person, even though this is someone who killed his fiancé, concealed it, and then rented out the crime scene.

Annie: But you always said that getting this house was to be part of humanity. So that you could retreat from who you are.
Mitchell: Humanity. Most of humanity still point at planes. The way you two talk about them. How charming they are, how benign. Like they’re Howard from the fucking Halifax. They’re stupid and, and, and thuggish and cruel. We will never be like them. And thank god for that. They are the monsters. I just can’t believe it’s taken me this long to work it out.

Josie (Clare Higgins): Being human means being mortal. It means dying. You can’t rob people of that.

Annie: If you tell me that he has never laid a finger on you. Never—not even for a second—made you feel scared of him, I’ll walk away right now.

Janey (Sama Goldie): I’m seeing things! It’s Annie, she’s here. Owen, she was going to chop my feet off!
Annie: Okay, that is totally out of context.

Janey: You really can’t see anything?
Owen staring up at Annie: Come on. You know what? I really can’t.

Josie: The vampires are mobilizing. Oh, they’re making it sound all New Labour, but this is an invasion. It’s a coup. And the first thing they’re doing is recruiting on a bigger scale than ever before. They’re coming in here and talking to people who are dying.
George: And Mitchell’s part of this?
Josie: He’s how they’re getting in.

George: Annie? Annie? Annie! We’ve got to rescue Mitchell. The thing with the vampires? Oh my god! It’s a lot worse than we thought. So this woman, at the hospital, she’s fr— No, I’ll tell you on the way. They’re based at an undertakers. Stereotypes clearly hold no fear for these people. {rummaging through drawers} I have no idea what, what I’m looking for. Something to, something to defend myself with, but you know, so far I have a whisk and my— and my… mobile phone recharger. {tries them out.} I mean what do we take? Do we take crosses and garlic? I know, we should have watched more films! We should, you should grab something…. Um, any, any time you want to chip in, say something constructive, do feel free.
Annie: I can’t.
George: I’m sorry? What did you say?
Annie: It’s beaten me. I can’t… move. I can’t…. Owen’s won. I can’t touch him. He just keeps on killing me.
George: Okay. First off, you need to stop talking. Then you need to stand up and help.
Annie: You don’t understand.
George: No! Mitchell, our friend, needs you. Your friend. So if you can’t do this then you have done to yourself the one thing Owen could never do. Because then you have finally died.

Seth (Dylan Brown): What do you want?
George: Well. Either you have the world’s worst customer service or we’re in the right place.

Seth: What the cock is that?
Annie: I’m a ghost actually.
Seth: Get out. Can you, like, move things about and, you know, walk from one room to another?
George: Yeah, I’m pretty sure everyone can do that.

George: That was pathetic! We were like the world’s gayest ninjas.

Herrick: This is the natural churn of history, Mitchell. We’re not good or bad, we’re just what happens next.

George brandishing a chair over his head: Who wants some my of chair!?
Annie: I told you we should have prepared something.

Annie: I went ahead to check the coast was clear!
Mitchell: Is it?
Annie: Very much not.
George: Well did anyone see you? {there’s banging at the door.}
Annie: Possibly.

Lauren after stabbing Seth: Well he won’t be staring at my tits when he speaks to me anymore.

Mitchell: Oh Lauren. Oh please don’t make me do it.
Lauren: You have to. The me I used to be—the me who got hay fever and was scared her parents would find out she smoked—she’s almost gone. Soon all that’s going to be left is hurt.

Owen: … Is the point of all this to make me feel guilty? Is that what we’re doing here? ‘Cause it won’t work. ‘Cause here’s the thing. They never tell you… you see, to kill someone and get away with it… you’re bulletproof. You’re a god.
Annie: There’s a question you haven’t asked yourself yet. If I exist, what else does? You think you’re the big bad wolf? You should see George on a full moon. You think you’re a cold-blooded murderer? Mitchell was killing eighty years before you were even born. Don’t you get it yet? I’m just the tip of the iceberg. I’m Good Cop. … Look at you. So pleased with your grubby little murder. Fact is, when it comes to pure, naked evil, you’re an amateur. I want you to know you’ve wandered off the path. This is where the wild things are. And we’ve got your scent now. We can find you at the edge of the earth. And create unimaginable tortures. And now I’m going to tell you the very worst thing in the world. Something only the dead know. {she whispers in his ear.}
Owen: That’s not true!
Annie: I saw it. My advice to you? Find a safe place. With locks. And bad dogs. And never ever turn out the light.

Annie: I think I’m going to go and put the kettle on.
George: What did you say to him? {Mitchell shakes his head.}
Annie: I told him a secret.

Annie: So what happens now? To me. I thought there’d be fireworks. I thought the clouds would part…. I thought there’d be Elvis.

Mitchell: If it’s a question of closure, well, what constitutes closure? Owen turning himself in? Doing himself in?

Owen: I killed my girlfriend. And now she lives with what I think is a werewolf and a vampire, and they’re going to torture me. So I need to find somewhere safe!
Policeman: I see. Well in that case, we’re gonna need a different form.

George: What is it? On the other side. Is it something good or something else?
Annie: Probably something else.
George: Then why are you going? It doesn’t make sense. Stay. Please. Just, just stay. If you don’t know what’s there why the hell are you going?
Mitchell: ‘Cause it’s an end.

Annie: You hated me!
George: I didn’t!
Annie: Oh you did.
George: A bit.

Annie: Don’t kill anyone.
Mitchell: Good tip.
Annie: Write that down.

Mitchell: You’re lucky. Most people don’t get a chance to say goodbye.
Annie: I know, but fucking hell!
George: You might want to have different last words.

Annie: George, when I open it, don’t look inside.

Annie touching the door handle: It’s so cold. {suddenly there’s knocking.}
George: There’s someone behind the door! There’s someone— !
Mitchell: It’s the other door.
Annie: What?
Mitchell: It’s the front door.
Annie: Oh my bloody god.
George: I actually let out a little bit of wee there.

Annie: George, he’s dying!
George: You have to go! We don’t know how long the portal will be here. Annie, this might be your last chance! You have to go!
Annie: But he’s dying!
George: I’ll get him to the hospital. I can deal with this! Annie. Go. Annie, just go!