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Flotsam and Jetsam

Mitchell: You know, you should be pleased for her. She can be seen by other people now, not just us. She can step out of the house.
George: Other people move in somewhere, they get damp. No. They get woodlice. Why do we get Casper the Friendly Ghost?
Mitchell: We’ve been over this. There must be something unresolved about her death. That’s what’s keeping her here.

Mitchell: Leave him alone.
Seth: What? You want to share?
Mitchell: No, I’ve… I’ve stopped.
Seth: Yeah. We’ve had this conversation, Mitchell. What blood type is he anyway? {he checks the chart} A positive. Hm. A bit Jacob’s Creek-y for me, but there you go.

Mitchell: We haven’t had time to find somewhere. You can’t just run into some random bit of countryside. You’ll kill someone.
George: What else can I do?
Mitchell: Come back to the house.
George: I’m not doing this in the house!
Mitchell: For God’s sake, you can’t always keep it separate! This is happening, this is part of you! George! It’s safer there. We can contain you!

George: No. You’re right. Let’s go back to the house.
Mitchell: What?

George: Oh… no. Where’s all our stuff? What did I do?
Mitchell: We’ve salvaged what we can, but there’s about ten bin bags of crap and wreckage stashed in my bedroom. I’m sensing a trip to IKEA. And you know my feelings about that.

Annie: Owen rang!
George: Owen who?
Annie: Owen. Your landlord. My fiancé. Ex-fiancé. He’s coming round.
Mitchell: In about… now.
George: He’s coming here? Why?
Mitchell: He’s over from Saudi for a few months and wants to meet us.
Annie: Well you guys are his longest staying tenants. All the others, they found it, uh, strangely unwelcoming.
George: Why didn’t you put him off?
Mitchell: I tried! But she kicked me in the shin. The shin, George!

Mitchell: What happened exactly? If you don’t mind my asking?
Owen: Um.. we’d literally just moved in. I mean we were still living out of boxes. And it was dark—I hadn’t sorted the wiring out yet. And she was at the top of the stairs and, I don’t know, they said she must have fallen awkwardly or something.
Mitchell: What was she like?
Owen: Annie? Oh, she was kind, funny. Cleverer than she thought she was. And she was mine.

Mitchell: How did you do that, stay so calm?
George: Okay, shut up.
Mitchell: You’re a spy, aren’t you? I mean you’ve clearly had training. Because the way you held it together there, it was chilling.

Mitchell: You didn’t get my message? This isn’t your fucking larder, Herrick.
Herrick: This is a social call, nothing more. We’re really worried about you.

Mitchell: Seth said—
Herrick: “Seth said.” Listen, there’s something you need to know about Seth…. He’s an idiot.

Mitchell: You know what I don’t understand? This interest in me.
Herrick: If things were to change, having you by my side, like it was back in the day, that would…. People admire you. I admire you. Despite your, ah, your eccentricities.

Mitchell: Oh come on, it’s not like you get interested in people every day. I don’t want to discourage it.
George: She wouldn’t be interested in me.
Mitchell: I’ll ask. Do you want me to ask?
George: No! No! Christ. This is so… playground.
Mitchell: Welcome to being a bloke.

George: Guess who I just saw?
Mitchell: Oh… Yoko Ono?
George: No. Lauren. I manage my condition. I hide in a shitty bloody cellar or in the middle of the forest but you, you buy a bottle of wine and a package of condoms! What is the point of us trying to build some kind of normality when you are attacking our friends and turning them into monsters? For Christ sake, we knew her. You let me go to her bloody memorial.
Mitchell: How the hell do you think I’ve survived for the last hundred years? There’s no escape from it. I’m not like you, I don’t have days off. This is what I am.
George: Then why are we even trying?

Lauren: I saw your furry friend. I was actually going to feed from him. Can you imagine? Probably have to get jabs or something.
Mitchell: What do you want? Did Herrick send you?
Lauren: This isn’t just about him.
Mitchell: Well then what do you want?
Lauren: You left me! You brought me into this and then you left me. I woke up surrounded by strangers. It should have been you there. Ever since then they just pass me around. I’m like this orphan.

Mitchell: Come away with me. There’s places we can go where we can be safe from them.
Lauren: They’re not some dopey abusive boyfriend.
Do you think anywhere is safe from them?
Mitchell: They stay away from the smaller towns. Anywhere that’s exposed.

George: Is this how it ends, then? They connect her to you, you to Lauren. Everything gets blown open. We lose it all.
Mitchell: No. They have ways of doing this. Come on.
George: What do you mean?
Mitchell: We’ve been around for thousands of years. You think this is the first time something like this has happened? They have branches everywhere.

Herrick: Hey Mitchell. It’s all about to start. We’re drawing up lists. Make-your-mind-up time.
Mitchell: I choose them.
Herrick: Pity. Be seeing you.
Seth: And your little dog.

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Mitchell: He should be dead within thirty seconds. The werewolf heart is about two-thirds the size of a human’s. But in order to shrink, first it has to stop. In other words, he has a heart attack. All the internal organs are smaller. So while he’s having his heart attack, he’s having liver and kidney failure too. And if he stops screaming, it’s not because the pain has dulled—his throat, gullet and vocal chords are tearing and reforming. He literally can’t make a sound. By now the pituitary gland should be working overtime, flooding his body with endorphins to ease some of the pain. But that too is shut down. Anyone else would have died of shock long ago, but it won’t let him. And that’s the pain I find most remarkable. It drags him through the fire and keeps him alive and even conscious to endure every second. Nothing like this could just evolve. Is it the fingerprint of God? An impossible lethal curse spread by tooth and claw. Victim begets victim begets victim. It’s so cruel it’s… perfect.

Mitchell: This is what being human is about. This is what I chose.
George: You chose?
Mitchell: You chose. We all chose. We can’t just dip our toe. We need to dive into the churn of humanity. Laugh with them, listen to their stories.
George: About Vin Diesel.
Mitchell: A remarkable man, I’m starting to realize.
George:It’s a bit risky, isn’t it?
Mitchell: What’s more suspicious—three shadowy, secretive people who never come out, never talk to anyone. Or three friendly, welcoming guys. Always nice and chatty. Their door’s always open.
George: I don’t mean just risky for us.
Mitchell: We should hide in plain sight. Stop being ashamed. Invite the world in.

Tully: Can I ask you a question?
Mitchell: Please.
Tully: There’s not many vampires that would break bread with a werewolf.
Mitchell: I’m lapsed.

George: What the hell are you doing?
Mitchell: I’ve told you. We need to embrace humanity. Let the world in.
George: Yeah, but he isn’t human.
Mitchell: Well in that case neither are you.

Lauren: Morning. You gonna let me in? You have to invite me across the threshold. That is such a mental rule. Who made that up?
Mitchell: You— You are not coming in here.

Mitchell: What are you doing here? Herrick’s already cut me off from the rest of the vampires. If he thinks sending you here—
Lauren: Why does this have to be about Herrick? What is it with you two? You’re obsessed with each other. It’s totally gay.

Mitchell: I can’t. The cost is too high.
Lauren: Please. Who are you saving really? Have you seen Britain’s Got Talent?

George: This has to stop. I cannot do another conversation about Vin Diesel.
Mitchell: We just need to get him on to another subject.
George: I’ve tried. Leonard Cohen. Darcy Bussell. It’s like he isn’t interested.
Mitchell: It’s good we’re doing this. Especially now. Throwing the doors open like this… sends a message.
George: What do you mean, “especially now”?
Mitchell: Nothing. It, ah, came out wrong.
George: And sends a message to who? There’s something you’re not telling us.
Mitchell: Like what? What?
George: A few weeks ago, Tully was in London and got attacked by some vampires.
Mitchell: Vampires are arsholes. This is hardly news.
George: Yes. But Tully says it’s happening more and more. Like suddenly they’ve stopped hiding. But it’s the things they’re saying now, about time. How their time is coming.
Mitchell: Vampires have been saying their time is coming since the Crusades. Every now and then someone along, they get everyone all excited. It never comes to anything.
Annie: What, so something has been happening?
Mitchell: It’s nothing! Can we— ? It’s nothing. I promise you. I need a wee. {He walks out.}
George: Well. I feel totally reassured.

Mitchell: So Carol from number twelve is gonna lend us Casablanca.
George: Why?
Mitchell: I’m only in it!
Annie: Get out!
Mitchell: Yeah. I’m just an extra. In the bar. And you can’t actually see me, obviously. But I do knock over a chair at one point and you can see that.
Annie: You in Casablanca. How did you swing that?
Mitchell: I know people. I move and shake.

Annie: You changed your tune. You love old movies.
George: Hey, George is as George does.
Mitchell: Did you really just say that? Did you actually say those words?
Annie: Oh my god. You’re Tully’s Mini-Me.

Annie: Mitchell?
Mitchell: Annie? What are you doing out here? Annie, tell me what’s happened.

Mitchell: He’s a twat!
George: Well he’s my twat!
Mitchell: I expect that sounded better in your head.
George: I mean, he’s my friend.
Mitchell: So what the hell are we?
George: I don’t know, Mitchell. I really don’t.

George: Do you know the difference between you and him?
Mitchell: Hm. I don’t know, I don’t have to shave my palms?
George: I think that’s actually racist!

Annie: It feels like we’re losing him. Everything’s just… falling apart.
Mitchell: Things move and shift and settle again. It’s like those— what are those snow storm things called?
Annie: Snowstorms.
Mitchell: Yeah, ’bout so big, glass?
Annie: No, they’re called snowstorms.
Mitchell: Right. Well, them. You shake them and it’s all mad and then it settles again. That’s what time is like.

George: My name’s George. And I’m a werewolf.
Mitchell: Hello George.
Annie: Just to warn you, if you go in for a hug Mitchell will try to kiss you.
George: My god, I leave you alone for five minutes.
Annie: It’s like being attacked by an ironing board.
Mitchell: If I had intended to kiss you I’d have put on some chapstick first.

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Ghost Town

Mitchell: Woah! We can’t go in there. It’s not safe. It’s PMT. She wrote it on the calendar.
George: How could she possibly have PMT? She’s a ghost.
Mitchell: I don’t know, but it’s not worth the risk. Let’s go to the chippy.
George: Mitchell, I have two steaks in the fridge that go off if I don’t eat them today. And I’m bloody starving.
Mitchell: If you want, I could grab the steaks and we could just make a dash for it.
George: No way! I’m not eating raw meat like an animal just because a ghost is ovulating.

Mitchell: Annie, Owen’s moved on with his life. You need to as well.
Annie: I’m dead, in case you hadn’t noticed.
Mitchell: But you’ve still got loads to offer! To the right… person.
Annie: Mitchell, I’m a ghost! No one can even see me.
Mitchell: You know what? I think you need to meet some kindred spirits.

Annie: Maybe we can go out. But just for a bit.
Mitchell: Excellent. George, get your lead.

Mitchell: Annie, this is Gilbert. Gilbert, Annie. My housemate.
Annie: Nice to meet you.
Mitchell: Is it?
Annie: How can he see me?
Mitchell: Like I said, he’s a kindred spirit.

Mitchell: I never know with you whether it’s Jewish guilt or werewolf guilt.
George: They’re pretty much the same thing.

George: And where have you been, young lady?
Annie: I met up with Gilbert. We went to the cemetery.
Mitchell: He knows how to show a girl a good time.

George: What’s that face?
Mitchell: It’s just my face.
George: I think that’s a good thing, don’t you?
Mitchell: Ugh. God only knows what she could uncover. Why do you think I’ve never said any of this to her? Now you’re doing a face.
George: I think you’ve grown attached to her and it’s clouding your judgment. She needs an answer, Mitchell. One way or another.

Mitchell about the lighter: Is that an ironic post-feminist fashion statement?
Nina: No. It’s the only kind they had at the off-license. What’s the deal with you and George? Every time I see you, you’re together. It’s like you’re attached at the hip.
Mitchell: You checking me out or him? You know he worries about me getting harassed in the workplace.
Nina: Don’t worry, you’re not my type. Not anymore.
Mitchell: What about George? Is he your type?
Nina: George… George is weird.
Mitchell: No one’s denying that. But once you get past the weirdness he’s actual the nicest bloke you could ever meet.

George: No, hold on. We need to set some ground rules here about guests.
Mitchell: Like what?
George: Like, don’t kill them.
Mitchell: Ugh. That’s such a bourgeois concept.

Lauren: Did you really throw up at the DVD?
Mitchell: Only the first dozen or so times.

Lauren: We can’t keep doing this.
Mitchell: Now is not the time to tell me you’re married.

Lauren: You know, I don’t really see where this relationship is headed anymore.
Mitchell: You can’t do this on your own.
Lauren: So maybe I won’t.

Mitchell: Annie was killed by Owen.
George: Five minutes. Could I have not just had five minutes with the biggest news?

George: Are you all right?
Mitchell: You know what I think? The house was telling us. All that stuff about the pipes and the taps. It’s like it was all part of you. It was your memories. They were—
George: Affecting the plumbing.
Mitchell: It’s stopped now, hasn’t it? Now everything’s numb.
George: Well that’s something.
Annie: Yeah. I find out that the love of my life killed me. But it’s okay, ’cause at least now we can wash up.
Mitchell: He wasn’t though, was he?
Annie: Yes. He was. He loved me. And I was in love. It felt like he owned me.
George: Nobody owns you, Annie. Nobody can.
Annie: Why didn’t I go? Being with him wasn’t it. Finding out what happened wasn’t it. So what now? What’s left?
Mitchell: I guess that’s what we find out.

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The Black Day

Mitchell: Where do I belong? Where do I fit? Who are my people? Where do my loyalties lie? We all choose our tribe. It’s that need to belong. To live within boundaries. ‘Cause it’s scary on the outside; on the fringes. Some labels are forced on us. They mark us, set us apart ’til we’re like ghosts, just drifting through other people’s lives. But only if we let the labels hold. You can piss your whole life away trying out who you might be. It’s when you’ve worked out who you are that you can really start to live.

Herrick: He never rings, he never writes…
Mitchell looking for Lauren: Go and get her. She’s coming with me.
Herrick: I’m sorry, Mitchell. It’s really not going to happen.
Mitchell: You don’t get to decide this, Herrick.
Herrick: Well I do, actually. Because, you just keep hurting her, Mitchell. You just keep hurting her! You recruit her, that’s fine. Then you just leave her. She wakes up with us, she doesn’t where she is. She’s calling for you. So fine, we pick up the pieces best we can. But then, Jesus Christ, then you try and take her back.
Mitchell: She’s the one who came to me.
Herrick: Well where else was she going to go? She couldn’t exactly call ChildLine, could she? When I recruited you, I didn’t abandon you. I took care of you. Do you know why? It was my responsibility.
Mitchell: I was helping her.
Herrick: What, by getting her to buy into this ridiculous… your “fad”.
Mitchell: My what?
Herrick: This thing you’re doing with your and your furry friend. Raiding the dress-up box, pretending to be human. It’s a game.
Mitchell: This is not a game.
Herrick: Meeting in hotels like you’re what? Lovers? You rip her mortality away and then you try and patch it up with these scraps of human behavior! That is cruel, Mitchell! Why can’t you just let her be the thing you made her?
Mitchell: And leave her to the likes of you?
Herrick: At least we’re consistent.

George: Tell me honestly, is this too flash?
Mitchell: I can’t imagine ever saying yes, but a bit of context might help.
George: Right. Yes. Sorry. I’m seeing Nina later. Not a date. It’s really really really not a date.
Mitchell: “Not a date” in a pub? Or “not a date” in a restaurant or “not a date” in another… date-like situation?
George: Gastropub. Not a date in a gastropub. Annie?

George trying on another shirt: Well?
Mitchell: This, ah, non-date. You gonna break it to her you cross-dress?

Mitchell: When did this start?
Annie: After I found out about Owen. And for all I know this could be perfectly normal. You find out your fiancé murdered you, you become a “throwing things about” ghost.
Mitchell: Poltergeist.
Annie: See. You know the terms. You understand how this works. Do you think I can channel it? Because I have been dying to pull that fridge out and clean behind it.
Mitchell: Annie. You’re still dealing with the fact that you were killed by Owen. Maybe cleaning the fridge isn’t the best way to go about it. {the instant coffee explodes.} You really can’t control it, huh?

George: Maybe I don’t need your advice. Maybe I understand women a bit better than you think.
Mitchell: Oh. You’re one of those guys.
George: What guys?
Mitchell: Turns bumptious once he’s getting laid.
George: I have always been— Now I’m not— And don’t, no, please don’t call it “getting laid.”

George: It’s just occurred to me. I was on the jaws of a change when me and Nina…
Mitchell not wanting details: Yeah yeah yeah.
George: You know, I had the wolf in me.
Mitchell: So did Nina.
George: Would you stop snickering! This is not a joke. I really really like Nina. And I thought that— well, I hoped that she liked me. But what if she’s only interested in the wolf? {they consider it.} Ah. Oh, oh, thank you for, “Oh no, George. How could that be possible?”.

Mitchell: Look, I’m kind of busy right now, so could you just cut to the bit where you make me feel guilty? Try and drag me back, make a scene.
Lauren: Not this time. No guilt trip, no appeal. No tricks, no tears.
Mitchell: Okay, then what do you want?
Lauren: I’ve come to say goodbye. We’ve got the message, we’re leaving you alone.
Mitchell: What?
Lauren: Well you’ve made your decision and we’re respecting it. Maybe one day you’ll change your mind. But for now I guess… we’re done.

Mitchell: You know what I can’t get my head around?
George: Quantum mechanics?
Mitchell: Bernie not knowing Laurel and Hardy. Immortality can make you feel so old.
George: He’s a good kid though, isn’t he? Thoughtful. Well-mannered.
Mitchell: Reminds me so much of me at that age.
George: Oh. The rampaging ego came much later, then?
Mitchell: We all build some sort of defense against the world. Like sarcasm.

Annie: You kept the DVD?!
Mitchell: I didn’t keep it so much as… not throw it out.
Annie: But everything you said about moving on, putting Lauren and that whole lifestyle behind you. Connecting with humanity.
George: But why hide it in Laurel and Hardy? What else have you got up there? Some German scat inside Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?
Annie: How many times have you watched it?
Mitchell: I’ve never even seen any scat! Oh well, just that first time to see what it was, but that—
George: This is just what we didn’t need, Mitchell. To draw attention to ourselves.
Mitchell: It was just a stupid mistake.
Annie: Well put it right.

Mitchell: Owen’s on his way over. {a vase explodes and Annie storms in}
George: What the— ?
Annie: He can’t.
Mitchell: Well he can. It’s his house.
George: Did you just—
Annie: He can’t. {the lighting goes.}
George: How did she— ?
Mitchell: She’s a poltergeist. Annie, look you can’t be in this state when Owen arrives.
George: Mitchell, how long have you known about this?
Mitchell: George, we’ll talk about it later, okay! You’ve got to control it, Annie.
Annie: I don’t know how! {a vase dashes itself against the wall}
George: Ack! No! That was a present!
Mitchell: Come on, deep breaths. Breathe. Breathe.
Annie: No, I can’t have him in the same room knowing what he did to me. I will bring this house down!
Mitchell: Let’s get you upstairs, we’ll do everything we can to keep Owen down here, okay?

George about the Dracula movie: I used to think this kind of stuff was bollocks. Now it looks like something by Ken Loach.
Mitchell: Tragic, misunderstood monster chased away by the mob.
George: Can you blame them? That lot are right. I mean not about the hats. There are some seriously mad hats there. But the likes of us. No. No, we’re not fit to live among decent people.
Mitchell: It’s a good job we don’t then.

Mitchell: They’re only human? Then it’s our mistake wanting to be like them!

Fleur: It was all to protect you. You know that, don’t you Bernie?
Mitchell: He knows.
Fleur: It’s all my fault. He tried to explain but, stupid bitch, I wouldn’t listen.
Mitchell: I can help you, Fleur. The both of you.
Fleur: How? He’s not coming out of this. They told me that. I can hear his heartbeat fading. I’m here to watch my son die. How can anyone help me through that?
Mitchell: I know death doesn’t have to be final. I’m proof of it.
Fleur: Oh, not the Jesus bit! Please. They’ve got so bloody [???]
Mitchell: I’m talking about something older and stronger than religion. That car hit two people. You saw it. Bernie, a human, and me. A vampire.
Fleur: You sad, deluded man—
Mitchell: You were there, you saw it. Okay?

Mitchell: Okay. Gimme a mirror. Have you got a mirror? Give it to me. Look. Our image can’t be captured. Not by camera, not by anything. Where am I, Fleur? Why aren’t I beside you?
Fleur: I don’t— You weren’t there the other day… were you? Oh no, come on. This is, it’s insane.

Mitchell: You see how close he is? How little time he has left? Now you can cling to your old way of seeing the world or you can let me help.
Fleur: How?
Mitchell: Us. Vampires. We’re not born, we’re made. Snatched from human life at the moment of death. Bernie doesn’t have much longer. Not as you know him. I can give him a new life if that’s what you want.
Fleur: As Dracula?
Mitchell: I died a hundred years ago. A young man just sent off to war. But I’ve lived more since then than I ever thought was possible.
Fleur: Alright, you tell me this then. Honestly. If this is the choice that I’m left with. If you were me, would you choose that life for your son? Because I don’t see much happiness in you, Mitchell. would Bernie really thank me if I let him live on like you?
Mitchell: That choice must be yours. But you have to make it now.

Fleur: Will you stay on here?
Mitchell: I don’t know yet.
Fleur: I’ve told the neighbors that I got it wrong. I said that it was all…. I told the neighbors that you tried to save him.
Mitchell: It doesn’t matter anymore.

Fleur: Oh goss. What about when I die? What will happen to him?
Mitchell: He’ll be looked after.
Fleur: But should I do it too? Should I become one?
Mitchell: No. You need to stay as you are. You have to remind him and keep him… keep him good.

Mitchell to Herrick: I’m in.

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Where the Wild Things Are

Mitchell sliding over a mug: Black coffee. No sugar. Just a splash of water from the tap…. Hello Josie.
Josie: My god, is it really you? You haven’t changed.
Mitchell: Neither have you.
Josie: Liar.

Herrick: Everyone looking after you?
Mitchell: They won’t leave me alone. I can’t even take a piss with out someone going, “Hey, can I tag along?”
Herrick: Yeah and I bet that was Seth.

Lauren: You shouldn’t do that. Let them take someone you care about.
Mitchell: Why not?
Lauren: They might become cruel. It changes you, this life.
Mitchell: Didn’t change me.
Lauren: It did. Just took longer.

Annie: Where have you been?
Mitchell: At work.
George: Not all the time.
Mitchell: I’ve been busy.
George: You’re back with them, aren’t you?

Annie: But you always said that getting this house was to be part of humanity. So that you could retreat from who you are.
Mitchell: Humanity. Most of humanity still point at planes. The way you two talk about them. How charming they are, how benign. Like they’re Howard from the fucking Halifax. They’re stupid and, and, and thuggish and cruel. We will never be like them. And thank god for that. They are the monsters. I just can’t believe it’s taken me this long to work it out.

Lauren: You brought me into this world. I want you to take me out of it.
Mitchell: No. No way! Absolutely not.
Lauren: Please.

Mitchell: Oh Lauren. Oh please don’t make me do it.
Lauren: You have to. The me I used to be—the me who got hay fever and was scared her parents would find out she smoked—she’s almost gone. Soon all that’s going to be left is hurt.

Annie: So what happens now? To me. I thought there’d be fireworks. I thought the clouds would part…. I thought there’d be Elvis.
Mitchell: We just wait, I suppose.
Annie: Wait? And do what?
George: Well The Real Hustle’s on at 8:30.
Annie: Is it?
Mitchell: If it’s a question of closure, well, what constitutes closure? Owen turning himself in? Doing himself in?

Annie: Oh my god, it’s here.
George: So that’s it? That’s death?
Annie: Do I pack?
Mitchell: No. I mean, I don’t think so. I think you just go as you are.
George: What is it? On the other side. Is it something good or something else?
Annie: Probably something else.
George: Then why are you going? It doesn’t make sense. Stay. Please. Just, just stay. If you don’t know what’s there why the hell are you going?
Mitchell: ‘Cause it’s an end.
Annie: I should say goodbye now then. Will you be all right?
George: Yeah, yeah, I’ll look after him.
Mitchell: I’ll look after him.

Annie: Don’t kill anyone.
Mitchell: Good tip.
Annie: Write that down.

Annie: So.
Mitchell: So.
Annie: I’ll be off then. Oh this is ridiculous!
Mitchell: You’re lucky. Most people don’t get a chance to say goodbye.
Annie: I know, but fucking hell!
George: You might want to have different last words.
Annie: George, when I open it, don’t look inside.

Annie touching the door handle: It’s so cold. {suddenly there’s knocking.}
George: There’s someone behind the door! There’s someone— !
Mitchell: It’s the other door.
Annie: What?
Mitchell: It’s the front door.
Annie: Oh my bloody god.
George: I actually let out a little bit of wee there.
Mitchell: Of all the times, there’s someone at the door now?
George: Maybe they’ll go away.
Mitchell: Ah, this is absurd. We can’t do this with somebody at the door.

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Bad Moon Rising

Two Years Earlier

Mitchell: Woah! What are you doing?
Marco: He’s a lyco, that one. We saw ‘im in the caff.
Seth: Got something to say Mitchell?
Mitchell: How many people in the café?
Seth: A few.
Mitchell: Uh huh. Anyone see you leave?
Marco: Oh does it matter?
Mitchell: I don’t know, Marco. Their kitchen guy turns up dead and they’ve seen all you guys slink off after him. Do you think maybe they might see a connection?
Seth: So? They don’t know who we are.
Thug: They do. I got here before you arrived and got talking to the owner. His nan’s died, and he wanted an undertakers so I kinda gave him our business card.
Seth: We’ve got business cards? We’re not even a real business!
Thug: They were doing three hundred for a fiver.
Mitchell: Look, I’ve got no love for lycos, but that’s a big trail you’re leaving there.
Seth: Alright. {he gives him George’s glasses.}

George: They were going to kill me.
Mitchell: Yeah.
George: Why?
Mitchell: They don’t like werewolves.
George: How did they know?
Mitchell: People like us can recognize people like you. It’s complicated.
George: People like you?
Mitchell: Vampires.

Mitchell: They’re coming.
George: No, it’s okay. You’re safe now. We got you away, Mitchell. It’s fine.
Mitchell: No, they’re coming here. They’re in the hospital.

Mitchell: My body can’t make new blood. I need… this isn’t helping.

Josie: George told me what happened. I don’t understand. I thought you were Vampire Employee of the Month.
Mitchell: I had a change of heart.
Josie: There is another option.
Mitchell: No, Josie, there isn’t.

Josie: If you don’t stop Herrick, who will?
Mitchell: You saved me once already. So let me save you too.
Josie: Death isn’t always the unwelcome guest you think it is.

Josie: I was thinking about that first time I saw you. My god, my knees were like spaghetti.
Mitchell: You sat there with your cigarette trying to look all sophisticated.
Josie: I spent ten minutes lighting the wrong end. You made me so nervous.

Annie: Herrick can’t hurt me though, can he? I know that sounds… But I’m saying that’s all talk. He can’t hurt me. I’m already dead.
Mitchell: He can. It’s the house that keeps you here. It’s me and George. So he’ll get rid of us, burn the house to the ground. There’ll be nothing left for you. You’ll be like smoke, you’ll just blow apart in the breeze.
Mitchell: But it won’t come to that, because we’ll stop him. You’ll get better and we’ll look after each other. That’s why he can’t win.

Mitchell: There are conditions.
Herrick: Here we go.
Mitchell: You let George and Annie go.
Herrick: My god, what is this hold they have over you?
Mitchell: You wouldn’t understand. In fact you could say that’s what this whole thing comes down to.
Herrick: Afterwards, they’ve got twenty-four hours to get away. […] If they’re spotted after that, they’re fair game. And I was going to give you South America.

Mitchell: We need to finish this now. Otherwise they’ll hunt us down. They’ll pick us off one by one.
Annie: So we bring the fight to them. I mean look at us in the funeral parlor. We kicked undead ass!
Mitchell: Do you have any idea how many vampires there are out there? Just trust me on this. If I beat him, if this works, then the whole thing falls apart.

Annie: Do you want to be punished? Is that what this is? Some kind of martyr thing?
Mitchell: ‘Cause then he’ll let you go. You can take Nina with you, start again.
Annie: And what about me?
Mitchell: You stick with George and you’ll be fine.
Annie: No. I can’t— This is utterly mental! No, we are not even having this conversation.

George: I’m sorry, Annie. But there is nothing here for you now but this. I am the only one in this room that… I have a chance. I’m so sorry.
Mitchell: It’s fine. That’s what I want you to do. Both of you.

Mitchell: Annie, please! Stop! It’s not like I was drunk and there were whole periods I can’t remember. I can tell you all their names. What they were wearing. I remember who cried… who fought back. Others have tried to quit before me, but they didn’t last long. I just thought the need for blood got too much, but it was this. Because when the craving subsides it all comes back. Everything you did. It’s just you in that room with that person and it’s just so much easier to go back. And drink again. Lose yourself again so you don’t have to face it. Believe me, George is no more of a coward than I am.

George: You remember when we met? I was being attacked but you saved me and you told me I had to get away and then I said, “And then what?” I have this thing hanging about me that I can’t leave behind, so my life will always be “And then what?”
Mitchell: But there was this.
George: What?
Mitchell: You thought there’d be nothing but there was this. There was the house, you and me. There was Annie.
George: It wasn’t human though, was it?
Mitchell: No, George. It was never going to be that.
George: I didn’t think so.

Mitchell: What’s wrong, Annie? What’s happened?
Annie: Herrick isn’t coming here.
Mitchell: Well where the hell is he going?

Herrick: So. A werewolf, a ghost and a vampire decide to live like humans do. They get a job, a house and a TV license. They take friends they will lie to. Take lovers they will infect. In fact, the only part of humanity they successfully adopt is its ability to deceive and destroy. All in all I’d say your little scheme has been something of a failure.
Mitchell: And what about your plans? Right now how would you say they’re working out?
Herrick: Well. The fat lady ain’t singing yet. {George starts transforming}. Hello. Looks like your little suicide bomber’s about to go off.

Annie: Why did I hear those voices? The dead people? I never used to be able to do that.
Mitchell: You turned down death. No one’s ever done that. It’s like it opened something in you.
Annie: Like I’ve got a whole new skill set.
Mitchell: We should make an action figure of you.

Mitchell: You’re using I and me when you talk about the werewolf. You didn’t used to do that.
George: All sorts of things are different. The last few months have been like living in dog years.
Annie: So what happens next, Mitchell?
George: Yeah, is it over? Are we safe now?
Mitchell: Maybe Herrick is right. Maybe someone will pick up where he left off. Or maybe that’s it. Maybe nothing happens now. None of us know what safety is like. What if this is it?

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